say cheese! (lucky catch)

File this one under 'what are the odds?' This girl is the friend of the chelsea bird in camden, and I wanted to shoot them separately as they were different looks. She asked if I minded if she ate, and knowing how quickly pizza gets cold in this weather, of course I didn't. The high street was really busy during lunchtime, and it was hard to get a clear shot. I can't control the people in the background, but this time, I didn't mind. I mean, if I tried, I couldn't stage a three legged woman in a red coat. I'll think of it as a happy accident. Or, lucky catch.

Which, by the way, is the English translation of laimikis, the wonderful street style & other cool stuff blog from Vilnius, where my grandmother, my mother's beloved mother, was from. I never knew her - she died just days after I was born - but everyone used to say I am just like her. And come to think of it, she looked a lot like the girl in this photograph. Hmm.


la flore et la faune said...

with the former post and this one, you're on a "twins concept" trend...

I dream of a show where models could eat&drink while walking.

Mom Fashion World said...

i noticed it too the people behind her wearing the
same color she's wearing.
i guess, wearing bright red/any bright colors look
good during the winter because of the gloomy clouds.

jill said...

la flore: what a lovely idea! the funny myth is that models don't eat, only eat a celery stick, etc - which is what heavier women do, and it doesn't make them thinner because they already have a slow metabolism (from being heavy) & it just makes them ill & cranky.

models,, on the other hand, eat like absolute pigs! as do most tall thin people. to begin with, tall people need more fuel, and models are already types who move around a lot (hence, being lean) & the job of being a model requires so much energy.. it's like birds need to eat all the time to fuel their little wings flapping away all the time.

so the honest, and fair, thing would be to let them eat AND work at the same time. kind of like having a sandwich at your desk when you're on a deadline.

mom & son: it's true. the thing about grey skies is colour pops so much more than in bright, sunny climates. in fact when i go on holiday, or in summer, i prefer to wear white. next choice, black. or nudes/pale pinks. bright colours are such a treat this time of year. they just make you smile.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a yummy picture! Absolutely adoring the mix of black and red - a stunning color combination!! :)

Susan said...

gorgeous photo! I love how she rocks those flats.
have a lovely day, xoxo