stefania, in uniform

I was walking down the street near home - not far from Chanel & Brompton Cross, actually - and these... LEGS passed, really quickly. Mostly what I noticed was the tassles of her boots swinging like horses' tails. It was that brief nanosecond thought process of, do I have time? Should I? Will I be able to live with myself if I let this one go? And I turned around and ran after her (my legs are long for my height, which is 5'4", but let's face it: she was definitely outpacing me.)

When I caught up, gasping for breath, and asked if I could shoot her for my blah blah blah, she looked at me and said: 'You're shot me before.' I looked at her: did I? When? She said 'Kensington High Street.'

Sure enough: it was the Mystery Brunette! From my 'night vision' post. The tall stylish girl whose name I forgot, thought it was Marcella, or Nicoletta. Well, she is neither. She is Stefania! I hadn't taken her details, and she lost the card, but there she was. She's from Rome originally (as her boots, which are 'something Italian') but, like me, feels totally at home in London.

And what I love about this freak coincidence - because after all, this was in two different parts of town - is that in both cases, different as her looks are, she's wearing blue denim shorts over black tights. I love the big turquoise scarf with everything else shades of black & navy: this is a nice chic look I'm seeing a lot of around town. She said she wears this (shorts & tights) a lot: she likes to be comfortable. And let's face it, it's a fabulous look with those legs.

That's exactly what I tend to do, too: at any given time, I've got a uniform, that I vary slightly. For the same reason: to be comfortable. At the moment - and this moment has been going on for, wow, a month?? It's the same black riding boots, and black thermal American Apparel leggings (AND a little fashion tip that I shall be posting tomorrow). I vary the top, and the coat, but let's face it, with the cold weather, my warmest option is the Motel leopard. But I do vary the tops, I promise! (and my undergarments, even tho, I suppose, you could say that thermal 'underwear' as leggings is technically underwear as outerwear ; )

What's your uniform these days?


Unknown said...

Oh, oui, oui, I remember this. Its fun to have reunions with people! Looks like lightening can strike twice for Stefani, and you Polka!


Taylor said...

Jeans or leggings, a sweater and some boots. Too cold to wear anything else!

It's funny how you spotted this girl, again!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a coincidence! And especially in London. I love the tassled boots, although I'd never dare wear them myself!

The Fashion Cloud said...

Great blog, love your pictures and your writing. keep up the great work.


sofiasophie said...

these boots are really really cool!
but i'd love to see their profile....

Susan said...

love these boots!
happy Holidays to you, darling! thank you for being a great blogger friend.

adrielleroyale said...

Those are some snazzy boots! My uniform lately? Long sleeve under a long sleeve and long pants with my favorite pair of black boots - oh and let's not forget a sweatshirt! Too dang cold here even if it is above zero now.

I love the comfort motto too :)

Merry Christmas!!

The Photodiarist said...

Love these shots. And her devotion to her short shorts! Boots are wicked.

Ana Frost said...

Really coincidence! Shot the same girl :-)
My uniform: a large fular, leather jacket, legging.

Ana Frost said...

P.S.: I love her second outfit, so stylish!

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, I wasn't the one that asked you for photos of people in hats, but it will definitely come in handy, to see the variation, and what people are actually wearing. Thankyou. Aswell as following! :D Happy Holidays.


Leah said...

While I was looking at her back view, I thought to myself, this could be me a decade ago. Hahaha! Love her outfit so much and the boots make such a statement.

Thanks for the holiday message, I really appreciate the thought.

I'm thankful that I met you and shared a lot of fun banters and interesting commentaries in the blog world. Thanks for the gift of friendship.

Merry Christmas to you and Mr Dot.

Kristi said...

Did she give any details about the scarf? Thanks!

jill said...

You know I didn't ask! (to Kristi). She's in Rome now but I'll let you know soon as I hear back from her.

Thank you all! I'm so thankful, too, Leah, and to all of you. I haven't even been blogging a whole year yet, and it's been such fun so far.

Merry Christmas to you all.

StyleSpy said...

OooooooMG, those boots, those boot, THOSE BOOTS!! ::immediately books trip to Rome::

sunny said...

Just found your blog. It's perfect.
My daily uniform now for winter is a skirt, tights, danskos, a light tee and a sweater. Weekends too.

Anonymous said...

Those Gucci boots are to die for!