totally rad maddy

I don't know about the rest of the world, but the ubiquitous leopard print phenomenon is spreading faster than swine flu. (Hey: it's December. Weren't we all meant to be dead by October?) My Great Motel Rocks Challenge is coming to an end: they were really kind about loaning it to me, but I've held onto it way too long, mostly because it's rained so much. So Mr. Dot & I are off to the V&A today for one last Challenge, and then, sadly, it's goodbye to The Coat that has become a warm and cherished cuddly friend.

Here is Maddy Ford, who rose to the challenge. We were in Green & Stone & I was choosing coloured pencils when suddenly Mr. Dot pulled me out of the store to meet someone 'perfect for you.' I'm wondering if our marriage is getting a bit weird if my husband is now scouting out beautiful blondes. Maddy is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist, as it says on her card, and altho as you know I only post people's first names, I'm including her surname because it's got such a great sound - Maddy Ford - and this way, if you're a celebrity, you'll know how to find her. She's totally rad. And very, very sweet.

She wasn't sure The Coat would work with her outfit (note: the polka dots on her leggings are evenly spaced sequins, and her blackberry has a matching silver sequin covered case) but that's the point of my experiment: I've yet to find a look that doesn't work with this coat. And yet, come tomorrow, it's goodbye. I just hope the next lucky girl loves it as much as I have.

Maddy's tee by McQueen, bag by Louis Vuitton, but jacket 'only Zara'. Leopard print coat, stylist's own.


Leah said...

Mr Dot surely knew how to spot a winner. Oh so tomorrow is the last day of the Leopard coat project. I will definitely miss this coat.

The Fashion Cloud said...

Love that coat, it's just perfect



Susan said...

wow, she's cool! I am not a fan of animal print, but she can pull it off.
have a lovely day, xoxo

Unknown said...

love the leopard print! (but i prefer the zebra print)


Cafe Fashionista said...

There's something about this style that instantly makes me think of Kate Moss. Perhaps it has to do with the juxtaposition between rocker chic and high fashion! Stunning photographs!! :)

The Photodiarist said...

Leopard goes with everything, except more leopard (or some other animal stripe or spot). Like H says, its a classic.