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(Before I start: I'm two away from having 500 followers. Help! Does anyone know how to figure out who is the 500th follower? I'd love to give them a little Christmas thank you gift, but can't figure out where to track that. Any suggestions?)

For weeks now, I've seen so many lovely 'wish lists', and I feel I've not been pulling my weight for doing one myself. Well, I'm still not. Because while I love the creativity of the designers & brands & all the lovely fashion & non-fashion stuff I've been seeing around me: I don't really want anything. I mean, I'd love this Catherine Walker sequin bow dress.. but I got a great one at Topshop for about £20, which I'll wear on New Year's Eve and perhaps to another party or two..

I mean, reflecting on this past year, so much great stuff has happened in the world: we're turning in such a good, healing direction - and while people debate was Copenhagen a success or a failure.. hey, it's a start, guys! We're all talking! We're all on the same page (more or less).

We're all against global warming (apart from Mr. Dot, who feels it would be great for Britain: great for the tourist industry). Most of us want 'world peace' - enough so that it's cool again. The economy WILL turn around, because the economy is always tied in to people's expectations, and the world is just feeling more optimistic lately.

So I'm gonna take a leaf from my friend Jodi's book, and make my wish list this year about things I want to DO.

I wanted a tree, and we didn't buy one, but right outside our door, someone had left a tree in a pot with roots that they thought was dead, which we are nursing back to life and will soon be decorating. So that's one wish come true.

I want to go home to Florida (my family's winter home) and hopefully we will in January. I want to see films & go to museums & swim & so far, yesterday, we've seen Avatar, which I suggest everyone put on their wish list this Christmas. In fact, inspired by the luminescent colours, I'm giving you this photo of a tree I found on the street (on the same day as the budding tree and the bee, in fact) & leave you with a little gift, for free: my favourite all time Christmas carol:

Peace on earth, good will towards men. And girly girls.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I die at that Sequin Bow Dress. It's like a little slice of heaven in the form of a frock! Love!! :)

Taylor said...

Your 500 follower is Poppy Scott. Just click on her photo as you have 500 followers exactly as of my posting.

Susan said...

amazing photos, darling!
have a sweet day, xoxo

Unknown said...


sofiasophie said...

this dress is beautiful.... so glam!

Leah said...

I wished I'm the 500th follower. Hahaha! But I've been following you a long time already.

Taylor said...

500th follower

If you haven't already, you may want to leave her a message on her most recent post on her blog:

Her last post was Dec. 4 so she may be away?

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog and sharing a link with others.
I enjoy your blog and the people in it! By their clothing, they all have a story to tell.