can't stop wearing my breton top

I like to think I'm my own person, I'm not a slave to fashion, I don't blindly follow every trend like a sheep. In fact, in the past year, I'm thrilled to bits to see that many of my own quirky things that I've always done (ankle socks with girly shoes or sandals, bare bony knees, etc etc) are all now becoming trends. Alexa Chung reminds me so much of a younger me, it's scary.

But this Breton top thing.. I don't care that everyone is wearing it. I've had a thick one for years - and a few years ago bought striped tees from the Gap in three colours, but when I passed a Zara a few weeks ago, on impulse, I bought one really cheap (ten quid) and have been wearing it non stop.

The other day, I asked Mr. Dot to shoot my nails in our wonderful secret garden (we belong to a garden square, it's sunk in and beautiful) because I wanted to show you my other current obsession: blending nail polish. I've discovered that by adding a surprisingly few drops of a very inky navy blue colour (which I can't wear because I look like a cadaver), to peachy pink, it turns a wonderful metallic greyish blue. Someone was saying recently that her theory why we're loving nail polish lately is she feels her hands are ugly and that makes them prettier. Looking at these photos, my hands and wrists look so old: veiny & weird, but they always did, even as a kid, and I just love coloured nails because.. I don't know why! It's just fun.

I've been (how sad is this) struggling to come up with a name for the colour (like griege, which is grey and beige, this is grey and blue, but grue doesn't do it for me) so I've decided to call it Breton Blue. And the process of blending polish, or VARNISH as you call it.. I've dubbed it BLENDISHING. You've read it here first, kittens!

The weird thing about this Breton thing is, I don't at all mind that everyone is wearing it. It's ironic it's become synonymous with Chanel, because she just adopted it from sailors (as anyone who's seen the film knows). I don't believe she used the stripe in her couture clothes: that was later, that the Chanel brand took ownership of the meme, like they have recently with clogs, or turquoise nail varnish. Anyway, at some point, I'm sure I'll get bored with the fad, but for now.. I'm riding out this fashion wave for as long as I feel like it. I kind of like seeing everyone in the shirt: it's like we're part of a club.

Oh!! Must thank you for your response to the First Annual Polka Dot Princess of the Maypole Competition (previous post: vote on You've Been Dotted). It runs til Sunday but I don't want to push you, Polka Dots. I, personally, am not competitive by nature, so I can understand if you don't want to enter. But definitely vote! Remember: like the elections here next Thursday, every vote counts.


Leah said...

I also love Breton tops and I don't mind if it goes out of trend... I don't follow trends at all. I wear what I love, be it ancient already. Hahaha!

Your nails are gorgeous... love the nail color.

About the contest, I am really intent in winning because you know that my dream is to be dotted. If this is the way to do it, then I will fight until the last breath. Hahaha! Just kidding!

Iris / London Fashion Diary said...

I love Breton tops as well, and being French I just feel like it's part of my culture :D I've got 4 of them in different colours, but my favorite one is a St James' one, which belonged to my mum when she was about my age! It's so moth eaten though, but I still love it!

This nail colour is really nice! I don't know whether to enter the competition or not, as I am not really competitive.. but the price is well, priceless to me! I need to take some nice pictures first :)

xxx Iris

Adorngirl said...

A Breton top will forevr be classic, so if that's what you want to wear so be it.

You are so lucky your husband is permissive to take a picture of your gorgeous nails. If I had asked my husband, there would have been a look, a roll of the eyes, and this grunt type of noise.

Anonymous said...

oh, so love that color! gonna try and set up a Facebook Page of mine so i can spread the word and vote on yours! ;) put you link up! dearest greets!

EML said...

oh I can totally understand why you love that breton thing. same with me. i love it year after year after year. just that I dont have one this year because last summer the shisha coal exploded and burnt a little hole into my beloved top. yeah i honestly didnt know that stuff could be explosive...

and may I ask where your watch is from? looks very nice!

the style crusader said...

jill this is seriously too funny that we did posts of ourselves wearing the exact same breton striped top and my friend lucy was wearing the same one as well! how bizarre. p.s. i really love your watch! xx

Alma said...

I don't have a top like this yet... And I know, it's like a uniform now, but as you said, don't care. Still want want! The pictures are really beautiful! Kiss!

Matthew Spade said...

it's a wardrobe staple

Louise said...

I totally agree, for me its never been a fad, but just a great stripey top! I've got a very similar one that I wear all the time and its so easy and flattering. It's funny, I was musing on something similar just the other day:
Great minds, eh? Plus I love your blendishing of grue. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I love your watch - where is it from??

jill said...

Thank you! (Anonymous, re my watch). It's about 12 years old, a gift from my husband (Mr. Dot): the brand is called QUINN, they're German, and a friend in Hastings had a friend who had a jewelry store (no idea what it was called) and she sold it to me (full price - it wasn't cheap). I think the company still exists.. I'll try sourcing it.

Thank you all - and ADORNGIRL, totally the same with me. Altho, recently, that's starting to change. As you'll see in the post I'm about to do.