'Chase the dream, not the competition.'

- Flawless, to Simon Cowell, Britain's Got Talent

It's a glorious weekend here in London. Before I even upload the new STUFF I've shot, there are still so many to catch up on from the last blogger's cupcake thing. For example, Simon Smith, from Flawless.

We were rushing thru a crowd and I saw Simon. Had no idea who he was, just liked his look and asked to shoot him. When I asked who made his cardigan he started showing us how it wraps, said his friend made it. Jen and I were just snapping away. He was such a delight and a great sport, posing for us with all these women surrounding him.

This was all happening so fast: Jen gave him one her cards (aren't they great?) and I forget, one of us asked what he did and I thought he said he was a doctor. Jen asked for who and he said something and she started screaming. Well, not screaming exactly.. yeah, kind of high pitched screaming (mind you, it was a crowded scene: Friday end of work pub West End madness, so no one blinked). I didn't understand any of it, but later she said, you know, FLAWLESS. That dance band from Britain's Got Talent.

If there's anyone there besides me who doesn't know these guys, or even if you do: this is their audition tape. And since I couldn't decide which shots to use, and because I can't embed it as a video, this is the best way I could think of to show you Simon dancing. And I'm going to email Simon and tell him I"m posting this and ask him who his friend is, and what else he is wearing, because I just think he's got that special something. He is so dotted.

Does anyone remember: did I dream it, or did there used to be an American commercial where this soap opera actor said 'I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV'? I remember my dad saying that expression. Anyway, I keep saying that phrase lately and cracking myself up.


the style crusader said...

hahah this is SO funny! what a ridiculous silly girl i was when i found out he was a dancer in a group that was on t.v. seriously, i was so mortified afterwards! great shots. i love the bright blue door in the background with 'number one' - that really is perfect.

love that you can see your reflection in his glasses. is this a trademark feature of being dotted? possibly not, but i think it makes a nice feature. xx

jill said...

haha that's a perfectly human response to suddenly realising one is talking to a celebrity. can you imagine how scary it must be for them, tho? i mean, one minute you're a 21 year old dancer and then the next thing you know total strangers run up to you and take your picture and start screaming at you in high pitched voices.

i don't know, but i love reflections, in sunglasses, water, windows.. there's a pink floyd video somewhere that has an image of the stage reflected in my dark black sunglasses. possibly those same vintage ray bans!

thanks for your comment, jen. hope you're having a lovely weekend! my this is a long reply on my own post ; D xox

Anonymous said...

Hi! Anonymous returns! I adore this guy's earrings, celeb or not! And he's a great dancer! The outfit is so exciting and original, isn't it? Like you can tell so much about who he is by how he dresses. I love that-being proud enough to speak with your clothes... :)

Editor said...

I love this entry! This is one of your best photo series ever :) I'm not familiar with the subject since I'm in the US, but he looks great. Good job!

The Photodiarist said...

Nice photos, Jill. Love Jen's card.

Lucy said...

Hey Gill, i spotted your environmental wish on one of the leaves in the sketchbook popup store today! naturally, i mentioned you in my latest post :)
hope you liked it!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Flawless! They were amazing, didn't realise their members were stylish as well.

That cardie is fantastic, it really suits him.


Unknown said...

I remember flawless as a group, but not him as an individual. He is rather stylish and well put together though! I want his hat!


jill said...

Thank you all on the Flawlessly Fabulous Simon's behalf! Lucy thanks for the shout out on your lovely lovely blog! (check it out people if you don't already know it: she's great). In fact you inspired me to do one more post right now for Sketchbook. Just to remind people it's their last chance to see it today.

Anonymous said...

Very cool guy, really pulling off the wrap. x
The sketchbook event was great, and props to all the busy bees for putting it together. Met some great people including the Crusader, hopefully they'll make it a yearly thing?

Matthew Spade said...

very cool, love his knuckleduster.

i see you have added manchester fashion network to your sidebar, that's who i work for!

jill said...

you do? someone got in touch and asked me... blanking now who it was. who do you work with? it was a woman. please tell her you (virtually) know me! ; ) have a lovely day mat & thanks for commenting!

Vanessa said...

Wow, I love his look - especially how you've photographed him in front of the bright blue door, he stands out so well. I also like that it says "Number One".

Cecylia said...

Nice ring!

Anonymous said...

I think that doctor quotation is from "Friends", Joey plays a doctor in a fictional version of "Days of our Lives" and loves to brag about it ;-)

StyleSpy said...

I would swipe that cardigan right off his back, I would.

No, the quotation is definitely from a 70's commercial -- for Excedrin, I think. It was Robert Young, who played a very famous American TV doctor, Marcus Welby. I'm old enough to remember the actual commercials -- it happened long before friends.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like the pants that drop past the underware- looks like it was a fun shoot Jill-

Heather said...

That look IS flawless:)
And,I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows that quote from 'Friends'! Joey does say that on the show. But the older commercial is where the quote is originally from.Wonder if Friends was intentionally referencing that?

jill said...

Oh this is so funny! I thought I knew every Friends episode, but I don't remember Joey saying it. (I love that storyline about Dr. Ramore, btw). S Spy: I think you're right!!! I didn't realise it was Marcus Welby. Do you remember re-runs from another early 60s tv show called the Donna Reed Show? I used to tell people that my family was like 'Marcus Welby marries Donna Reed'. We were sooo wholesome.

Actually, my mom was the spittin' image of Doris Day. But only briefly blonde ; )

Ella: I'm sure they were. Intentionally referencing that. It's one of those American cultural references that's just part of the.. whatever. Like the Daleks were to British boys. 'EXTERMINATE!"