homage to harper's, in dog tooth: the interview

A Polka Dot exclusive, hot off the press: Roz, of Clothes, Cameras, and Coffee, has agreed to a guest post. Each time I see her photo shoots, I think it's her best yet, but recently.. well, I'm in such a black and white mood lately (again). And her homage to a Harper's Bazaar cover, in 'dog tooth', inspired me to do an online interview.

The thing that's incredible about Roz, besides being a true style icon, is that she is just so polite. Altho we haven't actually met, I can tell by our countless email exchanges that she's just a really thoughtful, kind, happy, generous old soul, for one so young. I'm hoping to do photo shoots with her in the future, and I can tell she's the type that will be on time, focused.. professional.

Here she is, answering the tough questions:

1. Define your style: My style is vintage meets current trends with a creative charity shop twist.

2. Who are your style influences?
I'm very inspired by the great screen stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Vivien Leigh. However, another great style influence in my life is family members - my grandma was an actress, and I some fabulous pictures of her when she was younger. And I'd say that some of my 'granny chic' outfits are influenced by various great aunts and grandmothers!

3. Your fairy godmother grants you a two week all expenses paid holiday anywhere on the planet. Where would you go (geographically) and where would you stay?
Oooh, hard question! Probably to somewhere remote in the French countryside - in an old house full of interesting art and unique knick-knacks. Kind of shabby chic?

4. What would you do there?
Practise my french (I want to be fluent by the time I'm eighteen!), take photos (both landscape and fashion if possible), draw/ sketch out my design ideas, eat delicious food and read a classic (If this was currently happening then that would be 'Mill on the Floss')

5. You can bring one person with you: who would that be?
Why? Hmm.. another hard question. Either one of my close friends who would enjoy doing creative projects with me and looking around beautiful french villages or my mum.

6. Oops. Turns out your fairy godmother messed up. No check in luggage, only carry on. What three items would you not get on that plane without?
My camera, sketch book and a vintage tea dress.

7. There's an upside: your fairy godmother has pulled some strings and your airplane has become a time machine. Would you like to change your destination? And what time would you like to travel back into? Or, for that matter, forward?
There are lots of decades I would love to visit for different reasons, but I think I would love to visit the sixties to experience both the fashion and al the new exciting things, that feel of change in the air. But I would be happy with any decade between the twenties and sixties... I would rather travel backwards than forwards, as I want to experience the future as it happens, it would feel a bit like cheating if I already knew what lay ahead!

8. It gets even better: you can now bring two people, and they can be living OR dead. Who would they be, and why?
Another very hard question! I know I've already mentioned her, but it would be so fantastic to have met Audrey Hepburn. So her plus a friend or family member.

9. Great news: you have been chosen to be the face of your favourite fashion designer, provided you only wear his/her clothes. Who is it?
Probably Burberry, as Christopher Bailey's designs are so beautiful. However, other contenders might have included Betty Jackson, Jaeger, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney.. The list goes on!

10. Same as above, but it's a high street chain. Which one?
I don't tend to shop in many high street places, but it would have to be Topshop.(Especially following their latest 'unique' collection. It reminded me so much of 'Where the Wild Things Are'!)

11. You are now an octegenarian, and are about to receive a lifetime achievement award. What field or fields are your achievements in?
I'd like to hope it would be a creative field - Fashion design or photography preferably!

12. At the award ceremony, who do you thank, and why?
My family for being the best I could ever want, various individuals who have been inspiring, and a few close friends.

As Roz is only 14, she lives with her parents. Her mom is clearly a strong style influence, and her father is the photographer for these shoots. That is especially close to my heart, because my own father was a wonderful photographer, and I wish wish wish we had done this kind of project in his lifetime. In a way, thru her blog, I feel like we are, somehow.

You can read her original post right here. The sourcing... you'll just have to read it in her own, wonderful words.


the style crusader said...

i love the first photo! the dress is a gorgeous shape on her and that thick necklace/black gloves/red lips with her hair up looks incredible. also, how adorable is the little fake puppy?! very lovely post. xx

Sarah said...

Such a sweet girl! I love all her pictures, its great that she can share hobbies with her parents!
Great post! xx

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Her blog is one of my favorites. The photos are always so amazing, and I love the fact the whole family is involved. She really has a strong style voice, and is beautiful. And brilliant.

Anonymous said...

She sounds so mature, beyond her years! I do follow her and I think she has the most fascinating style. And this one was my favourite post too, especially since I love dogtooth.


Pearl Westwood said...

Yay, two of my favourite bloggers in one!! Jill this was such a creative interview, and pretty tough! Roz is such a great girl, big virtual hug to you both xx

Anonymous said...

Btw Jill, I've left something for you on my blog :)


Style Odyssey said...

Oh Jill...I love this post. Roz is a special girl, don't you think? I've also thought of her as an old soul, who is mature, intelligent, and intuitive beyond her years. So hard to believe she is only 14! Roz is definitely going places.

Matthew Spade said...

great little write up, nice to see interviews on the blog

Leia said...

great interview! I love her style and still can't believe she's only 14!

Rosalind said...

Thank you to both Jill for this fantastic post, and to all of you who commented. It was so wonderful getting back from holiday to find this. Thank you, I really appreciate it!