into the sunset

Today in my inbox, from ASOS community was, among other things, an Ashish-inspired 'sequin sunset vest dress', below. (The above shot is one of mine, btw: A/W 2010).

I got so inspired that I pulled out some photos from our sailing trip to the Virgin Islands last February (when I missed what would have been my first London Fashion Week, incidentally), and, having some Fun with Photoshop, I produced this:

Then I realised that net a porter is currently selling the real deal.

So, okay, I've done the math. I could buy the Ashish dress today (below), from net-a-porter, for £1,070. Or, I could buy the ASOS Ashish-inspired dress, sans sleeves, for £85. Another way to look at it is, for £1070 I could buy 12.68 ASOS dresses.

That's a lot more sequins.

I wonder at what point technology made it possible to mass produce sequins. I mean, even for the Ashish dresses, they can't possibly be hand sewn, can they? The dresses are quite different, apart from the sequins and the sunset motif. I used to wear the style of the ASOS dress: fitted, same neck, but.. maybe it's back to the 'act your age' debate, but I find I'm not in a stage of my life right now where I'd be wearing that kind of 'pulling' dress. I prefer the loose feel of Ashish's original design, the sleeves, and the colours feel more sophisticated. I'm not normally a red person but I love it next to hot pink and orange. Everything, with colour, is relative.

Don't get me wrong: I adore Ashish, and I love ASOS: two opposite ends of the same spectrum. And ASOS aren't saying that Ashish designed that line, only inspired it. And I feel ASOS is a brilliant, absolutely brilliant brand, and I like how they think. It's like the print vs. online debate: I believe there is not just room, but a need, for both. And at the moment, I'm not buying either dress.

What I'd love (Ashish, are you reading this?) is a large turquoise Hawaiian shirt, like what he's shown on the S/S 2010 catwalk, but bigger: as a mini dress. In sequins. Failing that, I am looking for a vintage one. I just think it would be a gorgeous look, with black tights and heels for night, or leggings, or bare legged with brogues. I haven't seen anyone wear it yet but I am starting that trend. Right here, right now. I'm throwing down the gauntlet.

Your thoughts on the subject, as always, are most welcome. Thank you to net a porter, ASOS, me, Photoshop, the British Virgin Islands, and the British Fashion Council, for unwittingly giving me permission to make this post possible. But especially, thank you to Ashish. Your vision and your talent is so joyous, far reaching, and above all, inspiring.


Anonymous said...

ha, that looks awesome if i may say! you have to put that design on a real shirt, hehe!


the style crusader said...

honestly, not too sure how i feel about the asos versions. is the key to sequins possibly that the sequins be small? probably not. do i dislike it because i know it's not ashish and instead is asos... possibly. but no, i don't think that's why. it's too fitted i think. i prefer the loose oversized t-shirt shape of the ashish one. if the asos one was more oversized i'd prefer it - there's a fine line between sequins looking tart-tastic and looking cool. love this post by the way! great inspiration! xx

jill said...

oh you reminded me, jen! i accidentally cut that part out of my post. man, that is scary, but i prefer ashish's version for the same reason! well better put it back.

some style: thank you!! just added you: love your blog.


Lucy said...

haha so funny!
Sunday Times Style mag did the same thing, took both those designers and showed them as both ends of the spectrum.
Prefer the Ashish one tho :P

Sarah said...

I'd go for Ashish- its a real keeper! Plus less likely that the sequins will start falling off after multiple wears (as much as I love Asos- I have had many sequin sheddings in my time!)

Plus its the perfect excuse for lovely holidays (eg "I simply MUST book another FABULOUS trip, if only to show off my Ashish dress to full potential.."!)

Loving the Empire state one though..


Matthew Spade said...

haha your photoshopping is ace! for a split second i thought it was the real deal

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I too, like the photoshopped version. Great post!

StyleSpy said...

I could probably come up with a great vintage Hawaiian shirt for you, but you'll have to add your own sequins!

The Photodiarist said...

I like your version!

Rosalind said...

I have too admit that I prefer the ashish version, although I tend to not be a big sequins person generally.. I don't know, maybe I overwore them when I was little!
But the ashish one works because it combines a chic-er shape with the bold print and embellishment - and I feel that the loose cut and sleeves give it a more relaxed air.
But I agree, both are at very different ends of the spectrum!
Oh, and great edited version of the dress that you put together.

To let you know, I did recieve your email and will reply properly when I have a little more time! Just thought I'd let you know..


Style Odyssey said...

And the BVI thanks you back, J! I wish you'd come back...I'm sorry we didn't know each other then.

The dress you photo-shopped is neat! Did you know Margiela did a similar digital print dress for S/S 2010? Check it out on style.com, if you haven't.

The island prints here remind me of those tees you could get airbrushed and personalized, when airbrushing was big, in the late 70s. I had a couple, purchased on Florida trips. The tropical prints on this post really take me back to that time. And of course, from now on, they'll remind me of my years living in the BVI.

Anonymous said...

Well Jill, you were right i do prefer the Ashish dress:) But i love how you photo shopped that dress, so want to be on a beach right now:)


polka dot said...

Oh you're all so nice! Thank you!!

Lucy: I thought I've read every Sunday Styles issue: do you happen to know which one you saw that in? Was it yesterday's? That's wild.. unless I saw it, forgot, subliminally copied it.. I love it those kind of coincidences, frankly. Just one more way of knowing we're all connected.

Great comment everyone! Will visit you all very soon. xox

Susan said...

they remind me of some posters we used to put on our walls in the 80's... :)))
have a fabulous week, darling!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Love your photoshopping work. It took me a section to realize what was going on there.

Leah said...

I love the photoshop version... and I can't wait to see you rocking the dress with your brogues. Set the trend my dear friend. You are awesome. xoxo

Pearl Westwood said...

Very nifty with the photo shop - you know there are print shops that can print you photos onto clothes you should find one to make it for u!

Actually I do think the Ashish sequins will be hand sewn - hence the price! I dont like the ASOS one as the sequins look like sequins whilst Ashish is more subtle. Also I think it looks a bit tacky being body con, perhaps if you bought it a few sizes too big it would look quite cool?