oasis of vague

Last Saturday, Kaz of style my wardrobe was in the area while we were with our friend Angus in the park, so I said, come on over. What did we ever do before cell phones? It was a hilarious series of calls and texts with things like 'which tree' and 'I see water but I don't see you' but she did eventually find me: just in time for us all to have to go.

Just as we left, I saw this pretty, and very very nice girl, walking home from work at Oasis (hence, being dressed this way: everything is from them, obviously). She sounded like she might be originally from somewhere else: Russia, perhaps? Or Poland? She was just so so sweet. She has a bit of a young Cameron Diaz thing going, don't you think?

This is why I need the facebook club (you've been dotted): I gave her my card, but I didn't jot down her name, and now I can't recall it at all, and now how will she know she's been dotted?! If she knew about the facebook thing, I could post it and someone could tag her.. I'm going to post this on it anyway. You never know. Once, I couldn't find someone and her MOM contacted me! Actually, twice. Once was a really cute policeman, CJ, in Southampton (NY, that is, not UK): 'just the facts, ma'am'.

I chose this shot, incidentally, because I love the way the Serpentine Cafe in the background looks like fabulous giant earrings (or, they do to me). That cafe is amazing, by the way: it's new caterers, an Italian company who also do the V&A cafe. Amazing food & excellent coffee. Of course: they're Italian!

Last but not least: Kaz's nails. She wouldn't let me shoot her, altho I loved what she was wearing. She'd had her nails done at the Chanel press event, in Vague, of course, darling. I have a post stored up in my head about what Hedvig, who had them done with her, calls the Chanel effect.

But this is enough chit chat for one post: I'm off to watch the last few minutes of Antiques Roadshow with Mr. Dot, and paint my nails two different colours: one, my special blend steel blue grey, the other, a limited edition two year old turquoise quite similar to Vague, by Essie. It's ridiculous. When will I ever grow up already.


Pearl Westwood said...

I think you can get away with daft nail polish what ever your age (says Pearl with one foot in orange and the other in cherry, Chanel of course darling. I think this summer has brought out the inner teenager in everyone, my friend had one hand in fuchia pink the other in real pale pastle pink - looked fab! Love how her carrier bag matches her dress xx

jill said...

That's what I've been wearing for years! About ten, come to think of it: orange on one foot, usually, and fuchsia on the other. My reasoning is the sum of the parts etc. (I just love that colour combo). Haven't tried pale pink with fuchsia but that could be gorgeous. I am definitely doing another post on nails.

Yeah, she offered to put her bag out of the shot but I liked it in! It seemed an appropriate accessory. xo

Anonymous said...

Another great dot. I have posted the American Apparel ad, and when your free on a weekend let me know, so I can see the inner workings of a professional dotter. x

Zoe Schlacter said...

Oh boy, she is so beautiful!! I love that dress!


the style crusader said...

oh i love the dress that the girl is wearing! the print on it and the colours are so pretty. lovely lovely. i've currently got on the barry m version of the chanel polish.... love it. xx

Anonymous said...

so sweet! definitely a young Miss Cameron Diaz! crazy bold candy colors of nail polish so trendy right now, hehe!

C. Anne said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! What a great walking advertisement for Oasis, I completely want her dress now. Such lovely blue eyes, it actually reminds me a little of Lily Donaldson. Especially the second picture, non?

Cristi Silva said...

OH! awesome pics! also I love the chainge you did on your blog! it is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

She does look like Cameron Diaz! I love that dress and all the other flower print dresses I've seen recently from Oasis. They're just simply beautiful.


the nyanzi report said...

Hey Jill.
We're back from blog rehab.
How's things.
Congratulations on going 4-digit.

Martine : D said...

I love the girl's dress!
I've already been following your blog since quite some time and always enjoy reading your posts. now I started my own one. you might visit it sometime if you like. :)

Rosalind said...

What a great setting for the photos! I always love images near water..The light, reflections, shadows, the possibilities are endless!
I agree about the young Cameron Diaz, I think there's a simialarity there..
Oh,and congratulations on getting your 1000th follower! I got my 700th recently, and was very happy with that - I've still got a while to go before I reach your number of followers though ;)

Oh, & did you get my email?


Style Odyssey said...

i just read your response to Pearl Westwood about painting your nails different colors (amazingly, I don't do this...or haven't, anyway), and you said it's about the "sum of the parts", and I so get that. :) It's not so much a statement or rebellious thing probably, but the big picture. Right?

This girl does favor Cameron Diaz! So pretty.

And Nouvelle Vague is so yummy. I ordered a bottle, for fear it would be gone when I arrive in the US next month. It will be waiting for me when I arrive in FL...Yay! It doesn't take much to amuse me- a pretty color, and I'm set.

Leia said...

The Oasis girl is gorgeous!