buy a tee shirt, save japan

Mr. Dot took the day off - I cancelled the first part of a dental situation that had me in agony for months (root canal - now I need a new crown) - which means I'll be on holiday with the temporary crown - so that we could swim, outside, in Surrey today.

I love the saying, if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

As I write this, there is a huge thunderstorm rumbling outside. I can't even do my little photo shoot with my new tee shirt from Uniqlo, so I'll just post these shots and tell you about it, instead. Because, while I'm being, in the scheme of things, only very mildly inconvenienced, I am no less aware - or grateful - for all I do have. When the rain threatened to come in the window next to me and the sleeping cat, I simply closed it.

For other people, that day the tsunami hit, it wasn't that easy.

And for many people, right now, in Japan, their lives will never be the same. But we can do something to help.

There is a campaign going on, right now, at Uniqlo: the Uniqlo UT Save Japan tee shirt collection: working with Conde Nast Japan, and Vogue, they've produced a limited edition set of tee shirts, designed by ten celebrities: Alber Elbaz, Charlize Theron, Cindi Lauper, Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom, and Nicole Kidman.

It's ironic that they chose, for me, Charlize Theron, out of the ten. I love what she wrote. It is the core of my beliefs.

This also has a very personal connection- which makes it all the more uncanny, how random it was that I got her shirt. At the most difficult time in my life, just as I was at that 'jumping off' moment, I was in a Cafe Nero, and just happened to be reading an interview with her. She had been through an unbelievable ordeal, and when asked how she did it, she modestly said something quite similar to what she wrote for the shirt. That day, Charlize Theron saved me.

Not to mention, Mr. Dot, when he saw it, remarked that it is 'very high quality.' I'm wearing it, as we speak. Warm and cosy and comfortable and safe from harm's way.

Click here: WWW.UNIQLO.COM, or go to any of the Uniqlo shops. I'll do a self style shoot with it - if it ever stops raining.

(Thank you also to Savoir Flair for inadvertently letting me steal their photo of Charlize Theron).


@garyjoefountain said...

I love how Cyndi Lauper's has her face on it, being a big fan and all! Victoria, Charlize and Gwyneth's t-shirts are my fave. Defo have to pick one up!

the trainee mum said...

Really wanted to get one of these tees but we don't have a Uniqlo store anywhere near us :( Like the Alber Elbaz one the best, I think.

Love that quote about, tell God your plans... etc! Hope you have a nice afternoon together anyway, xx

daisychain said...

I need one of these! I love the one you picked x

Ernestine Armstrong said...

I need a shirt like this!!! please tell me where i can get it! this just made my day. the websites you provided are not working