hay, sophie!

When I first met Sophie, at the Hay Festival, we were both rushing to or from events (I was actually rushing to the loo queue) so I snapped her quickly on the green walkway between tents, told her my name, and rushed to the loos wishing I'd had more time to ask her questions.

Then when I got to the loos - and I love the serendipity of this, because either of us could have gone to the ones in the other direction - I heard a voice say 'I love what you're wearing, too.' It was Sophie! 'I guess you have to dress stylish' (i.e., my blog). Actually, I forget what I was wearing that day, but she was really kind to say I had nice style. And she's just really lovely - and I truly felt she was the star of the festival! I wish I could have seen her another day - she was visiting her mom (she's American, but her mom lives in England) so maybe she was just there the one day.

I then tried to shoot her near the loos, against the white background of a tent, but the light was so harsh. She was being really patient, posing calmly, and said her boyfriend, Tor, is a photographer, so she's used, I guess, to being his muse. She's a nutritionist, and we got into a little chat about how we are what we eat, and I wish we could have talked longer, because she's absolutely lovely. I think she's back home now, in Portland, Oregon, but she's definitely someone I want to stay in touch with. Isn't she such a star?


Emily (aka Shopgirl!) said...

I love how fate works to bring people together sometimes!! :)

Really like her top - great outfit :) xx

A La Mode said...

What a beauty! Love this.

When are you back in London? We must do coffee. Next week? xx

adrielleroyale said...

Lovely! What perfect lighting and poise for that 3rd shot! :)

styleeast said...

I like her, she looks really natural, and the shots have come out really good! I've got a jacket in this print, it's Motel I think. See you when i'm back from the homeland! x

Fashion Limbo said...

You can really see she's a natural in front of the camera, oozing such effortless natural style, I only look like a dork when there's a camera pointing my way!:P
Thanks so much for commenting on my site, and simply visiting, I felt honoured, you're one of my cyber-space idols! You even inspired me to get a new camera...nothing too fancy, just a "bridge" camera, panasonic FZ 45 but good enough for me who has no clue of photography to have a little fun ;)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

She's lovely. I love that first photograph!

Wallace Chapman said...

Thats a cool series of images , and shes nice and natural.. w, New Zealand