crown of thorns

Such a shame I can't show you the countless shots of these gorgeous children, many who were wearing wreaths of willow that they'd made at the Wiggly something tent at the Hay Festival (I gather it's some kind of Druid thing: protects one from evil spirits, and so on). But I've got a rule, which I only break when the parents are really on board about it, and often, not even then: no kids on my blog. Hopefully since we can't see her face, this one will be okay.

Met Naomi (top shot) and loved the simplicity and elegance of how she was dressed: a long black maxi, sandals, sequin jacket, and flowers in her hair. I can't think of a better accessory this Festival Season than a wreath of flowers, or willow leaves: real, or imagined.

If you're wondering about the title, it's from Dylan's song, Shelter from the Storm. It's hard these days to embed his music - must be a copyright thing - but I found this live version:


carling said...

so inspiring blog!

Check me out:


Fashion Limbo said...

Bohemian chic at its best. I used to make daisy chains to wear on my head when I was little.

style odyssey said...

very pretty! i have a special fondness for head wreaths (although they don't look very good on me); my name comes from the greek word for "crown".