pool blue, wimbledon whites

It's here! Sunshine, in the 80s.. must be summer! It's not gonna last, apparently - UK will cool off again at 'the end of the week' so must grab every moment. Gather yee rosebuds, etc.

I'm playing around with photoshop again - collaging onto designers' collections - but first I'm showing you some of my photographic ingredients. David Koma's lovely white dress from his S/S 2010 show (one of my favourite shows btw), a shot of me in Ben's girlfriend Lisa's pool, shot by my one of my closest friends since we travelled Europe together during college - Maryann - last summer, and last but not least, me and my niece Scarlett, on the rooftop pool at the Gainsvoort Hotel, NYC, enough summers ago that no one should mind me showing the photos: she is a totally different, more grown up girl now. Unrecognisable. I remember that day, she was doing my nails and I admired what a good job she was doing (she was like, 5), and she just took the compliment in her stride and said 'Yes, I know. It's a gift.'

Notice the little star tattoo on the runway model? I'm not one for tattoos, generally, but that one, where it is... so cool. Good for the make up artists, for not covering it up. Or maybe it IS makeup - thus, intentional.

Must run. Will start the series later. Wishing you a beautiful Monday, wherever in the world you are. xox


Fashion Limbo said...

Lovely summery pics Jill, the blue of those waters make me want o just jump in!
Also, that David Koma dress is superb.

Anonymous said...

The first shot is beautiful Jill - on such hot days like today I always want to be near a source of water! The pool is such a beautiful, clear blue as well.

Shopgirl said...

Now all I want to do is jump into a cool pool of water - but instead I am stuck in the office - boo! Really want to see David Koma's show at LFW next season - always seems to be the one I like the photos from the most. Great pics :)

style odyssey said...

carefree summer pool shot...i'm feeling a bit let down about having a pool day today. my nephew and i were happily swimming in this huge public pool (waterslides for him!) when we were asked to leave. apparently they were "closed". even though they were open. go figure.
enjoy your warm weather while it lasts, i know you will. :)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Such a refreshing pool shot!

styleeast said...

I love secret tattoos like that. In fact, I want one! Love that photo of you and your niece, you both look like you're having so much fun x

adrielleroyale said...

Oh my gosh, I love love love that photo of you!! You look so happy :))

jill said...

Thank you, Adrielle, Styleeast, I am. We were (still are! Still being mermaids).

Thanks each of you - Emily (Shopgirl) really feel for you stuck in an office - you were in my mind when I chose this post for Monday!

Stephanie (Odyssey): To be filed under WFT??!! Did you ever find out why?

More pool stuff coming up in a minute.