lost in translation

I love the scene in Lost in Translation, when Scarlett Johansson's character is telling Bill Murray how lost she is, she even dabbled in photography for a while 'but I was always doing something stupid, like photographing my feet.'

At which point, my husband nudged me. I've been shooting my feet since I first got my hands on a camera. It's an ongoing series: I'm fascinated with feet, as objects: the way they age. I don't know what it is about feet - or the shoes that we put on the feet - but there just are an infinite number of variations. And don't even get me started on nail polish.

My feet are wearing Revlon's Sunshine Sparkle (042), which to my mind is a more pleasing, paler version of yellow than Chanel's Mimosa, which is a bit.. hard core. Although, ironically, it doesn't sparkle, not like the lovely little pot of the Swiss brand Mavala's Acid Yellow, (123) which is truly bright and sparkly: like a sprinkling of glittery gold dust.

I'd like to start playing around with the pale turquoise colours, as stripes or a colour block version of a French manicure.

Shot, by me, at the V&A courtyard, on Monday: our one hot day of the summer. We're back to blustery conditions here in South Ken. Even the cat is cold, and he's got a fur coat on.


Fashion Limbo said...

That's what I'm doing a lot with Instagram and since I bought a new camera. I think it's because they are far from us, we can't reach them all of the time and we hide them a lot in winter, so maybe that's the fascination? :)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

I love these shots of your feet in the water!! So funny because I just got a pedicure yesterday and was considering shooting my feet for the blog -- then I held back, thinking who would want to see that? You chose a beautiful color. I had coral polish put on mine, contrast-inspired by the turquoise beads on my sandals. It's summer!


What a cool take for a pedicure post. I love getting my toes done in red :)

Are you coming to NY for FW this Sep? I'll be there. Can't wait!


Matthew Spade said...

thanks for your congrats comment, i've been away in scotland so sorry for the delay in reply. basically 2:1 falls into the second highest category , 4 categories in totally. so about me would be a "first" which i was only 1.5% off! damnit.

well i'm looking for a way into the creative industry so i'm open to anything at the moment to be honest, just so i can get in there. looking for stuff in manchester city centre ideally, with the aim to move there.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Jill. I think the fascination with feet comes from the fact that for most of the year (in the UK anyway) they are a part of our bodies that we don't really see as they're always crammed into shoes and socks. That's why it's so much fun painting your nails in Summer as you know you might actually get a chance to show off the colour! Alexandra xx

mtg said...

Sorry about the weather over there... There is nothing like feeling spring and summer warmth through your bare feet, is it?! By feeling through your feet I mean just walking bare-feet in the fresh spring grass or in the warm creek.

Also, hmmm how do I say this?... How many of us, ladies, would rather have a foot massage than sex? LOL Sorry, had to say it!

adrielleroyale said...

My step mom is also a feet lover :) Anytime I ever take a picture of feet, whether it be my own or a baby's, I always tag her on FB LOL

Love that finger nail polish! :)