gwyneth goes green

This cold rainy spell we're having in England right now means that streetstyle wise, everything is dark and dull. I'm seeing a lot of black. But when I met my friend Gwyneth just before we left for Hay, I loved how by throwing a pure green jacket on over a pair of ripped jeans - and pairing it a pair of big 70s sunglasses (I left my nearly identical pair at our friends' Guill and Miche's house over the weekend), a great scarf, and Prada bag - the green just instantly makes it spring like.

I can't say what I'd like to about the colour green any better than what Roz wrote ('simple pleasures'). It's spot on, brilliant. The symbolic multi layered meanings - and the emotions behind - any given colour. Green with envy. Green as temptation. Going green. Being green. We've become almost holier than thou about caring about the planet (Mr. Dot and I were laughing the other day- we want to start going round saying F*** the Planet. What has the Planet ever done for us? Just announce to people we've just met 'I don't care about the Planet). So in that context, Green would mean Good.

There is also SOOOO much I could say about envy, especially envy amongst women. I was having such a great talk with my (beautiful) new chum Reid Peppard about that. I felt the world was probably divided, amongst the female population, between girls' girls, and the envious bitches. The bitches dominating about 60/40 split. She paused for a beat and said 'probably more like 70/30' but we decided that's because of the 10% who pose as girls girls: wolverines in sheeps' clothing.

I could see why people would envy Gwyneth: she's gorgeous, of course, and happy, and loves her boyfriend, and loves her work (she's done a bit of modelling) and basically loves her life, has great friends, etc etc. AND she's really nice, and smart. All of which makes me happy for her, and happy to be her friend. And I've got to run out this minute so I'll shut up now. Rain forecast for the weekend: great time to see a film. I recommend Last Night. Kiera Knightly, also of Atonement, and no doubt, an object of countless women's envy, which brings this post full circle.


Fashion Limbo said...

Envy is everywhere and whenever people want to hurt you just for the sake of it, i say it's down to envy. Adore the green in this cardie...I need that same green but in an oversized cardie for autumn...even though, here in southern Spain that's like centuries far far away ;)
She's a stunning girl and I adore her name xxx

Caramel Latte Kiss said...

Can't say I agree with your very 'with us or against us' judgement on how women are. It seems to me a sad world view to feel that the majority of your gender are 'bitches'. Women can't, and shouldn't, be pigeon-holed into either being a girl's girl or a bitch.
What is a girl's girl anyway? Does that mean the classic image of female friendship? Sisterly, clothes swapping, talking about emotions over lunch type of girl? If you're not that sort of girl, are you a bitch?

I honestly don't mean to get on my high horse here; I'm sorry. I just feel quite uncomfortable about the perception of women that are put about by other women. Maybe I've misunderstood your meaning, I'm sorry if that's the case.

Leah said...

I think our take on today's post will simply depend on who we've encountered in our own life. I'm sure there are women out there who have been lucky enough to have been in the right place at the right time and life has brought them some wonderful lady-friends and not too many bad-seeds. Personally, I have a very small small group of girlfriends whom I can trust, and who I know are genuinely happy for me when things go my way. Sadly, I've also encountered a lot of "mean girls" too who've said cutting things, flirted (very inappropriately) with whomever I was dating at the time, blown me off, etc etc. They're definitely out there and can cause just as much pain and heartache as an unkind husband/boyfriend.

So, I'd like to say that the envy issue is one I'm not aware of, but unfortunately, I know it too well. In MY life it's been a bit of a hurtful issue. I do have faith though that there are endless amounts of nice women out there too, and as the saying goes, "A stranger is simply a friend you haven't met yet" so to heck with the jealous cats, I'm saving room for the good apples!

InesT said...

Love the scarf!
Thank you for sharing <3

Follow me, if you still aren't ;)
Have a fashionable day! <3
IT *

jill said...

Yes, Leah, and Fashion Limbo, that's exactly what I've meant, too.

Caramel: This was just something I wrote quickly and more light heartedly then perhaps it came out. I've lived (and worked) in NY, and now London, and as a result now have so many friends round the world, in such a range of careers, lifestyles (some even famous) - and that's not even counting the friends I've met thru blogging - or meeting them on the street, streetstyle. And I'm starting to think that the quality of my life is down to which ones I drop - or let them drop me - so I'm left with the really lovely friends. 40% - or even 30, or 20%, as a friend I spent a few hours with yesterday believes is the right proportion - out of theoretically billions of human beings, is still a lot of potential friends.

I don't mean girls' girls as in doing each others' nails or talking about boys and shoes. GOD no. I just mean that, in my experience, women either see each other as potential friends, or as competition. Often they will pretend to be friends, to keep an eye on - or, control over - their competition. Or use the 'friend' to gain power, popularity, as a career move.. it happens. It's not a big deal: it's as simple as keeping an eye on the food in one's refrigerator.

Actually Leah funny that you said that about 'saving room for the good apples' - what's that saying 'one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch?' - it's that simple. If I don't throw out the item in the back of the refrigerator that is green and fuzzy - which I no longer recognise as identifiable food - then it will stink up the rest of the good food.

And Caramel: if you've made it this far in life without coming across anyone who either envies you, is cruel or bullying to you, or has wanted to hurt you in any way: I envy YOU! And wish you could share with us your secret!

This post was really just an afterthought, musing on the meanings of the word green: I'm not on a rant. Have a lovely weekend all!

mtg said...

Hi Jill, I can't see your photos (says Bandwidth Exceeded) but still wanted to comment on your post. Green is probably my favorite color. "Green with envy" gives color green such a bad rep. To me green is a color of my favorite stone: emerald. It's also vintage like Scarlet's curtain dress. Green is very peaceful and calming color. Funny you mentioned Roz in this green post, b/c I think Roz has several amazing posts with beautiful green clothing.
Also, I could not help but think of a TED video about success and failure I recently viewed. It's not directly related to your post, but it does mention envy there. Hope you'll have a chance sometime to see it:

@Caramel: I don't think Jill was trying to put our gender down. At least I didn't take it that way when I was reading this post. I'm sure guys have their own hang-ups. They just express themselves differently. Anyway, I hate when men write about women as they (men) were experts in the field. So, I kind of appreciated Jill not involve the other gender in this generalization.
have a great weekend!

Rosalind said...

Now this is one of those perfect emerald greens. The psychology of colour is such a massive subject once one begins peeling back the pigmented layers...

the trainee mum said...

I love the green jacket. I have a sort of love-hate relationship with green - I do love it but am never sure that it suits me...?!

She looks so happy - I like happy people - it's good to spend time with happy people, I find :)


jill said...

Oh, yeah: totally agree. I've learned the hard way: not good to spend time with the angry kind!

Good to hear from you, Emily - and Roz. (I have a weird relationship with green, too - pure green. I love lime green tho, especially with a tan!)

Soccer Mom Maya: thank you. I wasn't at all putting our gender down - just some members of it! I love what you wrote. Now to check out the video.. thank you!