like a rainbow

When it rains, it pours.

Having such a fun chilled night, multi tasking: Mr. Dot keeps trying to get me to watch Wimbledon with him, and my attention was diverted with tweets about Christopher Kane's 2011 resort collection, which got me so freakin' inspired I started playing around in photoshop some MORE. I'm grabbing the opportunity of him talking on the phone to post this, against the background of Wimbledon highlights, at high volume.

It's uncanny, actually: I SWEAR to you, when I started going in this direction with David Koma's line from last September last night, I hadn't yet seen Christopher Kane's rainbow designs - which I've then adapted to what I was already doing. Sorry if that doesn't make sense: the tennis is on really loud. Claps of thunder in the Centre Court, the roar of the crowd.. 'what a way to lose the game', as the announcer just said.

I don't know if they still do this, but when we were younger, we'd do these paintings we called 'scratch boards'. I started the day chatting on facebook with a friend from school, and another from work, about our favourite Crayola crayon colour (periwinkle, hands down) which led me to thinking about how we'd draw rainbow colours on white board with crayons, then paint them with black paint. Then you scratch away the paint, revealing the rainbow.

And lo and behold, I'm ending my day seeing it manifest before my very eyes, with these gorgeous lace numbers:

While I don't love everything in this collection - he's not a god, after all - I just cannot decide which of these looks shown here I love more. There is a genius to this man. But David Koma, for me.. oh, let's face it: both guys are simply wonderful. I tip my hat to you both.


Anonymous said...

This week in N.Y. Gay Pride was celebrated with rainbow colors. From parades, to the Empire State Building lights, and even on cupcakes. Along with yes for same sex marriage! How appropriate this splash of rainbow fashion. The first and 9th dresses are fascinatingly stunning! All smiles in New York. :)))))

Pearl Westwood said...

Knowing Chris Kane that is probably exactly what inspired him, especially after his last collection was based on those pencil cases with water and glitter inside!

Fashion Limbo said...

seriously Jill, I'm loving what you are doing with these images, beautiful twist to the shades Koma offers.
Love the velvet (is it velvet?) on the pleated pink dresses from Kane's collection....amazing colours too.

derek said...

I died over this collection! i love all the rainbows!

A La Mode said...

Wow! Lexxi and I were trying to guess what print he'd do next - lighting? water? but rainbows I never expected! It's quite garish in a way. I'll always love Christopher for pushing the boundaries of what if wearable.

Jessie said...

The pink dress is epic!

San said...

Wonderful post. Again. I have to say I really like Christopher Kanes Rainbow collection, the rest not so much.
However those neon green sandals, grrrr, WAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTT THEM now. ;-)

Thank you for your lovely comment. I haven't been to the Tate modern yet. Well, London is on my trip-list for the next 2 years anyway. (Along with France, Edinburgh, South-Korea and Japan.)

Have a great day.

Patricia said...

What a great collection!

jill said...

Spin! (I know it's you, Dianne). I didn't know that about NY/Gay Pride. I've got a some really close gay friends in NY - you've reminded me I must send them congratulations messages! (one friend and his husband were going to Niagara Falls to celebrate ; )

Pearl, your idea was brilliant - have sent an email to his PR team, will keep you posted. Everyone else - thank you! Really having fun with this series, but time for some more streetstyle...

InesT said...

Love the clothes!

Follow me, if you still aren't ;)
Have a fashionable day! <3
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