nerds' night out

We were hanging out with Alex (formerly Bingo), at our friends' Emma and Andrew's house, this really cool tall house in the middle of Hastings Old Town: five stories, white wood painted halls and stairs (we did that too, before we knew they did - probably around the same time). Andrew had made this great salsa and they ran out of corn chips, so I went outside to get more chips, and beer. It was twilight, early Saturday night in Hastings, and the style on the street... it looked like a Diane Arbus photo album, really atmospheric and moody.

So I came back, with the beer and the chips, got my camera, went back out, and ran into this lot. I asked Maria (above) why she and her friends were wearing over the knee socks - was it a coincidence - and she said 'we're having a nerds night out!' That's when I realised: they all had glasses on, which is bizarre for me in itself, considering that this week, in a 24 hour period, I was contacted by three unrelated people and brands - invited to do all kinds of interesting things to do with eyewear.

Anyway, it soon became clear I was not going to get that moody, Diane Arbus vibe, but hey, that's okay: what I love about life is, you absolutely cannot plan ahead. Just gotta go with the flow.

As I waved them goodbye, I didn't have any cards on me, so I just said 'google streetstyle London, you'll find me' and Maria said 'I really hope we can remember' which - I can't explain, it was the way she said it - was hilarious. So.. earnest. I really hope she does.

After the guys went to sleep, Emma and I were up, chatting, til 5:30, when Honey, the dog, decided she wanted to play catch up the top of the hill, above the town. I have never laughed so hard, not in a long time: Honey was relentless. She's in training, apparently, for some kind of 'fly ball' dog show in Bexhill. That is one ambitious dog.

Totally knackered now. I am too old to stay up all night. How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

haha, what fun company and images! love the nerd look! ;)



San said...

Ha, sounds like you've had a lovely time in Hastings. I just realized, that is has been 15 freaking years since I've been to Hastings for my first language vacation. Time flies.

Nerds night out sounds fantastic. Wish I could go with my friends.

Matthew Spade said...

staying up all night, rebel rebel your face is a mess. nice to see a quality dog on here, i'm a big fan

Sabine said...

Loving the nerdy sexy look! Staying up all night... phew... it's a long time since I've done that. xo

Milan Boya said...

u r so sweet!


style odyssey said...

wacky fun!! i have nerdy glasses like those...rayban wayfarers made into prescription glasses.
staying up all night...last time i did that was 3 yrs ago, a friend's 30th- dancing at quito's at cane garden bay (did you ever go there, Jill?) i don't think i'll be doing that again, but at the time, it was totally worth it!

Fashion Limbo said...

hahha, great pics and great post! I think once you hit a certain age the software to stay up all night goes out of date and there's simply no way to update or reboot the system :P This Saturday I stayed til 4am and I may be still recovering, how sad is that??!!!

Anonymous said...

This blog just gets shitter and shitter

jill said...

; ) Fashion Limbo: what WAS it about last SAturday? Was it perhaps a full moon? When we were walking down from the hill above - there are these steep steps into the little 'high street' of the town - we walked towards about 8 people, including a girl with red (as in solid, 100% RED, not ginger) hair and I was thinking, damn, I should have brought my camera).

Yeah Stephanie you said it exactly: at the time it was totally worth it but I'm still paying the price. Mr. Dot is calling it a 'self inflicted wound' and has no sympathy. I'm trying to blame it on him because Emma is Andrew's girlfriend and if he wasn't his best friend from boarding school, we wouldn't have been there for the weekend.

Just woke up, btw. Now I have to decide Which Wellies! San I can't believe you went to Hastings 15 years ago for your first language vacation: they speak a whole different kind o' English there. Actually we were last there 15 years ago - Andrew has moved back and we've just started visiting there again.

Sabine.. Milan.. SomeKind.. thank you. Mat: my face is not a mess! But I love the reference. And HOney is indeed one hell of a quality dog.

jill said...

Oh, Anonymous, thank you - your comment came in while I was reading and replying. I'm not going to delete it - I wonder if perhaps you're one of my three ex-blog friends (no names, of course: Anonymous works for me!).

Whoever you are, just wishing you a nice day. Things can only get better. Thanks for stopping by!

Emily (aka Shopgirl) said...

That looks like so much fun!!!

daisychain said...

There is something so FUN about these photos Jill!

Sophie said...

This is coming from one of the nerds!!!

We all finally found you! looks great!


The Fashion Cloud said...

haha perfect!
nothing like a good super tacky British dress up party, always a blast and a bundle of fun



Declan said...

another one of the nerds here! really great photos and blog :)

Shini said...

Your three ex-blog friends have no interest in giving you pleasure in such a childish way, Jill. We're not the ones who need to grow up.

Be a sport and let's talk, all four of us.

mtg said...

the smiles on their faces are so contagious. also, i've been very much into bright blue and orange combo lately. so pretty!

jill said...

Sophie! Declan! So glad you found the post! Email if you'd like - I'll send the shots.

Toni, lovely to hear from you: I'll email you, was just thinking of you. Same with Maya.. Daisychain.. it's funny, I don't know which came first, as was out all day & night.

jill said...

As for Shini: I can't stop either you, or Kit (Style Slicker) or Jen, the Style Crusader, from cyberstalking me, or talking behind my back. I've heard enough backstabbing of everyone else in your world, I understand that it's my turn.

But that 'let's talk' ship has sailed.

I have enough friends, and I don't have time for this. I hope you can move on and enjoy a fulfilling life, but really, I mean this in the kindest way:

Go away. Please. Now.

Kit said...

'I understand that it's my turn'

Jill, have you forgotten you were the one who created this mess behind our backs?

The ship has sailed but the anchor have to drop. We still need to talk and explain your actions and then we can go away in good term.