hay, bex!

Back home in London after ten days at the Hay Festival - lovely lovely. My head is so filled with ideas and soaking up all the goodnatured stuff - the people at this festival are just amazing - and it was such a privilege to be one of the festival's photographers this year. Such a great group of people that are part of the festival itself.

Case in point: Bex. I met her soon as I arrived - she happened to be on the desk - and we both ran into each other (literally) - we'd always be rushing in opposite directions but she became kind of my muse.. I just loved the way each day she'd evolve her clothes (she must have packed for all eventualities) so I'll start her series off with the one most glorious hot day of the ten days - but I love how she's wearing this dress with bare legs and black boots:

Not the most ideal of compositions and backgrounds but I didn't want to hold her up - she was rushing into the bookshop (where the book signings take place - each event is separated by half an hour so everything is run with like military precision. You should see the offices on site: it looks like a war room but everyone's so chilled: if only governments were run so smoothly). So just a few quick snaps (note the plastic carton of strawberries in her hand - that must have been lunch on the run - they were selling the BEST local Hay strawberries, cherries, asparagus.. the flat is loaded with them now).

I saw in one of the style sections recently, an editorial where the model was wearing a sleeveless white dress (belted), bare legs, black ankle socks and black flats. I've worn that look for years but it got me so in the mood for it. Alas today is absolutely pouring, dreary, cold, and I must run out but couldn't leave without at least starting off the Bex series.. haha. Hope you're well and thank you for stopping by - it's such a nice warm cosy feeling to know that you're out there. Miss you (virtually) and will be back visiting your blogs soon.


I'm a girl said...

YOu lokks pretty after festival ;)))... The look of the women looks weel!

i am not a celebrity said...

Hey Jill-bean - welcome back! xx

Unknown said...

Sounds like an amazing festival! I love the shape of her dress, and the colour of it suits her perfectly!

Matthew Spade said...

very cool that you got to be the festival photographer, pretty big news well done

style odyssey said...

i'm going to have to google this hay festival...sounds interesting. something tells me it's not about hay. :)
miss you, J. we need a proper skype catch-up! i'll turn mine on when i get back home.

The Foolish Aesthete said...

The festival sounds so inspiring! Love soft dresses with heavy boots.

jill said...

Haha, Ms. Odyssey, come to think of it it's nothing about hay. ; )

Thanks Mat - all - yeah it's an AMAZING experience. Truly. And there's a campsite on the river - I think they supply tents, that's something I want to look into for next year.

And yes Foolish, I love soft dresses with big boots - especially at t he moment, wellies or riding boots. I will wear that look long after the trend has peaked, it's a classic for me.

adrielleroyale said...

Looks super comfy and cool! :)

thekiwibex said...

Love the dress, but Bex also has such beautiful skin...so freshfaced!