do they know they're having the same dream

Drifting through Bond Street last Thursday night, with Sabine, surreal and serene, less like taking photos and more like snapping moments of dreams. Speaking of dreams: the comments on my post, 'in memory', are getting pretty amazing.

And just as I typed that, in the background with the sound so low, Michael Clayton is on the television. 'Do they know?', the Tom Wilkinson character, Arthur Edens, asks Michael Clayton's son. 'Do they know they're having the same dream?'

So Vogue. Fashion's Night Out, 8 September, 2011.


adrielleroyale said...

What a lovely young woman! :)

Lauren said...

Beautiful photo! It does have a very dreamlike quality.

The Styleseer

Noelle Chantal said...

Hello!! :)

How are you? It's been awhile, I've lost contact with other bloggers and that includes you!! I don't know what happened, hehe! May be because I don't blog more often like before, hehe. :) Good thing you found me again, hehe!! Yes, I'm still blogging. :) I still browse your site once in a while, I didn't forget about you and your inspiring blog. :)

It was really nice to hear from you again!! I'm doing great here in the Island, doing some little travels too, you can check it on my previous posts (I know you will love the scenery photos).

You take care and hope everything is fine with you!! I'm so happy to hear from you!! :)

Noelle Chantal :)

SirayaWalker: said...

I love the pictures what you have taken,
your so brillant at your photographing.
can you give me any tips?