we had faces then: LFW D2

Can't believe I'm sitting here in no clothes, wet hair, when Holly Fulton starts in under an hour and ten minutes! And I'm cleared for backstage.

Altho the guy at the backstage door before Jaeger, when I had the option to go backstage but I didn't dare, time wise, told me - totally deadpan - and I quote:

'It will start late.'

'You know that for a fact?'

'They always start late.'

But it's like with flight times: you just can't take that chance.

Four beautiful faces. Descriptions later. Must run. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday everyone! xoxo


paddy-ior said...

the faces are incredibly natural

Unknown said...

I love the second picture down, she looks amazing and has such a pretty face :)

Lauren said...

The first two girls are especially beautiful. Love their totally unmade faces.

The Styleseer

Demilade said...

Lucky you, at least you get to be there.

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Beautiful images and the eyes and gaze of the first girl on the right are truly impressive. I'm really enoying your posts for London FW!


style odyssey said...

youth, beauty and minimal makeup- what lovely faces!
hope you're having fun at the shows.

Sabine said...

Did you make it in time? I LOOOVE the 1st picture... the right girls eyes are other-worldly! xoxo