I don't know when I first met Stella, of Stella's Wardrobe, but I'm pretty sure I've shot her before, at previous fashion weeks. She's also in a recent post. She also might look familiar to you if you've been to other blogs, because she's gone global all of a sudden. 19, and she's like everywhere, including yesterday's Evening Standard. I've done the classic top to toe 'streetstyle' shot of her the previous day (will post eventually)but this time, I've chosen, just to mix things up a bit, to deconstruct her look.

The thing about Stella is, she's really really nice: just one of the sunniest souls I've ever met. She became part of a group of lovely friends that we hung out with this week, had lunch, etc, and I kept forgetting her name. 'Stella', she'd say, again, with a smile, and I thought of a trick to remember: Marlon Brando. I coulda been a contender. Except that line's from On the Waterfront, 1954, and when he's screaming Stella! in the street, that's Streetcar Named Desire, 1951. Neither of which film I've seen in its entirety. Yet.

The definition for 'stellar' is: stel·larAdjective/ˈstelər/
1. Of or relating to a star or stars: "stellar structure and evolution".
2. Featuring or having the quality of a star performer or performers.

Stella is wearing: Christopher Kane skirt, Topshop fur cape, and shoes by Kurt Geiger.

Check out her blog. She's brilliant, and mark my word, she's gonna be a serious contender.


daisychain said...

She is adorable and I just love what she is wearing.

Stefan said...
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Matthew Spade said...

she is just fab isn't she, so cute. she is getting about a bit aint she

Jessie in Fashion Limbo said...

Stellar indeed, love her outfit :)

ediot said...

she looks amazing. love her look. and the skirt is too brilliant.

mtg said...

Funny, I was just "discovering" Stella's blog yesterday, after seeing her fashion week street shots somewhere (styleeast?). I was admiring her hair and her fresh baby face and her great sence of style. I'm glad you did a whole separate post dedicated to her.


p.s. ha-ha-ha, I just now got the connection between her name and the print on her skirt! I'm so slow... LOL

adrielleroyale said...

She really is a lovely woman! She doesn't even have to smile and yet...she smiles! :)

O D Y S S E Y said...

You must see Streetcar in its entirety. Being a southern girl, of course I've seen it many times.
The girl Stella here is very cute, especially in blue and black with starts. Since I was a little girl, stars have been special to me. :)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

I admire Stella from seeing her in other blogs, and I love your memory trick ("Stella!" linked all the way to "... contender" (I can hear Brando's voice talking)!

I like that you pointed out how nice she is. Which brings me to thanking you for your comment the other day. I have been so amazed at the cosmic magnet that has somehow brought together and helped me "meet" wonderful people like you in the blog world! It is so heartening to discover that there are people interested in fashion who also have depth, intelligence, talent, and a heart. It was wonderful to hear what you shared about Craig too. xxx

jill said...

Ha, yeah, Mat, she is getting out and about a bit.

Odyssey: I'm going on LoveFilm this minute and renting it. You've sold me.

And each of you - and yes, Foolish Aesthete, I love what you said about the cosmic magnet - you're all so lovely, thank you. Have a lovely weekend! xoxox

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pictures of her stellar skirt!