fashion yin yang

Anything goes at the moment in London: I love this time of year. It's hot, it's cold, there's a proportion to, not just dressing it up and dressing it down, but layering it on and taking it off.

What makes this girl in the middle such a style icon, to me - why my camera was drawn to her - is she seems to be truly interesting. She's listening. That's one of my most important qualities in a friend.

Speaking of: must run to meet my lovely lovely friend for a belated birthday breakfast! Sun's out. What I'm wearing: lace crochet dress, old navy hoodie, Converse. xoxo


Emily said...

I love how relaxed she looks and at ease with herself and everyone around her. The more I worry about what to wear this weekend, the more I figure I might just end up in some cut-off shorts and Converse!! :)

Hope you're well and had a happy birthday, xx

Rosalind said...

Love the way you view the pesky, hourly weather changes so positively, in terms of inducing an 'anything goes' response through what's being worn! It does make packing to go anywhere a little more challenging though.
I hope you had a divine birthday yesterday and that you have another lovely, post-birthday breakfast today. Looking forward to seeing you at LFW this weekend. Your 'In Memory' post was exraordinary, as were the comments. I put a link to it in my most recent post because I found it so moving.

San said...

She's a beauty and looks so confident. I wish I had her legs and confidence.

Great pictures as always. Enjoy your birthday breakfast, I'm certainly enjoying mine. XD

PS: In case you are wondering or can't find my blog, I've changed the URL of my blog from the-man-made-project.... to http://sansvisualartphotography.blogspot.com/
ChrisSan Photographers stays the same.

Lauren said...

Love the way you've captured the "anything goes" mood in these shots. Great observation about the girl in the middle.

The Styleseer

style odyssey said...

first pic: nice pop of turquoise. :)
second girl: i like her jewelry a lot.
i want to see what you're wearing...sounds like a true "Jill" ensemble!

Style At Every Age said...

The girl looks comfortable in her own skin, young and carefree, how lovely. x

Anonymous said...

You've captured a really lovely moment here Jill - these three girls look so at ease with themselves, their outfits, their surroundings and each other. How perfect. This truly encapsulates how diverse London style is! Hope you had a lovely day yesterday xx

The Foolish Aesthete said...

You are absolutely right. Of the 3 ladies you photographed, it is the one in the middle that is not only the most stylish. She looks the most engaging as a person! Happy birthday! (Your lace crochet dress with Converse sounds ultra chic.) xxx