pumpkin head

I'm in a real pumpkin head at the moment. I noticed it everywhere at London Fashion Week: hair, clothes, shoes.. it's funny, I don't like orange per se (altho, I love orange, the fruit) and I like bright orange with hot pink and something neutral, like tan. But pumpkin... pairing pumpkin with anything, especially blues and greys and blacks, navy blues, pale blues.. yum.

There's something about the weather turning colder that makes me think about pumpkin pie. I've been convalescing at home since Thursday, and have so far made big batches of stew, gingerbread cake (another great colour, btw), the most amazing onion soup.. and when my husband, who doesn't cook but has been doing the shopping, brought home a giant sack of carrots instead of the 'six to eight' I asked for, I decided to try simmering them to a mushy softness and mashing, to make pumpkin pie. Well, more like flan, because I didn't make a crust, just sprinkled brown sugar, cinammon (another great colour!) and crushed Special K. And top tip, cupcakes: it works! No more trawling the streets of London, a lonely ex-pat, in late November, trying to find the last dented tin of Libby's. Who knew!?

I wish I remembered this girl's name with the pumpkin hair and the glittery shoes. She was delightful. The other two, I didn't meet, but the Girl with the Pumpkin Coloured Hair.. I hope you find me. Because I've totally forgotten where you got your shoes. Are they perhaps Miu Miu?

Shot within about ten minutes of one another, Day Six (Boy's Day), LFW, Somerset House, 20.09.11. And now that it's suddenly, magically, turned summer here in London town, I'm going to try venturing outside: wearing a sleeveless, translucent, early sixties inspired button down pumpkin coloured blouse with little peter pan collar, and white pedal pusher shorts. THANK YOU LORD for this glorious warmth.


Fashionistable said...

She is wonderful. Love her pumkin head. The shoes sure have a Miu miu heel but have a very strong Jeffery Campbell look. It was wonderful meet you briefly. Sorry we didnt get to speak properly. Now we know who we both are maybe next time :-). Xxxx

Emily said...

Can I come for dinner please?! I'm hungry!! :)

Sounds goooood!! And I like the orange hair - in spite of myself!! My sister's hair is a similar colour at the moment - although I spent most of LFW being horrible about it to her - as sister's are wont to be!! Haha! Turns out - she's right on trend! :)


The Photodiarist said...

That first shot is insane! So good, Jill!

Rob said...

You're just playing with me now! How much good eyewear can you get in one post? You on my turf!??!

Wida said...

Wow, you did a great job with these photos! The "Pumpkin" girl looks awesome. I would love to get to know her!

Missing Amsie Blog

Anonymous said...

My mom lives in London, and whenever she comes back to the States to visit me (in Kansas) she buys canned pumpkin because she says it's just about impossible to find in the UK. I'll have to tell her the carrot trick...

Sarah M

Style At Every Age said...

I love that girls pumpkin coloured hair almost as much as I love her shoes! Gorgeous pictures xx

Matthew Spade said...

this pumpkin creation sounds yumsters. when i was on florida i was in a boom shop and they had pumpkin cheesecake with just looked so good, i'd already started my cake so i couldn't get it but i made up with it with a pumpkin latte. man, how good are those shoes

Sabine said...

I think orange is perfect for winter - warm and optimistic... Maybe I should get orange hair, too - definitely love hers. Hope you are feeling better, Jill and the unexpected summer weather helps. xoxo

Lauren said...

All good photos here but, wow, the first one is spectacular! I love this pumpkin color - wonderful to see so much of it this fall.

The Styleseer

Anonymous said...

The first shot is incredible Jill, but it's the third which grabs my attention - a fantastic outfit and the girl seems to know it. I love the act that she's posing with an half-eaten apple in her hand and probably just looked up to meet the gaze of your camera lens before returning to finish it!

Oh and just so you know, after your inspiring comment I managed to post yesterday. And it felt like a jigsaw piece had been slotted into place inside me because it felt so GOOD to write again!

Hope you are improving by the minute, take care + best wishes for a speedy recovery xxxx

jill said...

So glad to hear that, Alexandra! And thank you, Lauren!

Sabine, your hair is already nearly there... I think you'd look lovely. Maybe with it dipping into a warmer fuschia burbundy near the ends.. yes, well put, warm and optimistic, like you!

Mat: I love that story. 'I had already started my cake.' My husband won't even try pumpkin pie - it is such an American thing - so glad to know you're, uh, open minded.

Fab.. Wida.. thank you. Sarah M, I love it: 'the carrot trick!!' Gonna use that one. Ask your mom, if she wants, to get in touch. Another ex pat wandering the streets of London in search of canned pumpkin!

Rob: you know it didn't even occur to me til you said that. What can I say: it was a bright 20 minute period, the sunglasses came out. I'd love to see that post btw- no rush, just curious.

Photodiarist: great to hear from you again, I can't wait to visit your blog & catch up.

And Emily.. I still can't believe we couldn't hook up this LFW: and we certainly did try! I love when we were texting in the show - I forget which one - and waved, but I didn't actually see your face. Or, your poor sister's pumpkin hair. Give the girl some slack ; )

Last but not least, Fashionistable/Dvora: thank you for stopping by. It was lovely to meet you, too - too quickly. Hope you loved Milan - congratulations re: Vogue! - and hope to see you again soon.


San said...

The glitter shoes look soo fun.

When it comes to colours I prefer the gemstone colors, no muted or pastel colors for me please, that goes for clothes/accessoiries and everything else in life. However they (earthy colours) look great on these girls.

Enjoy the sun.

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

So you are not only a great photographer, but a creative cook! All excellent qualities. I love mustard and pumpkin tones and I'm glad that this season is full of clothes in this lovely shade(especially sweaters, I'm looking for a jumper like the one worn by the girl in the third image). Get well soon and enjoy this warm, weird beginning of the autumn.


The Foolish Aesthete said...

Those shoes! They remind me of McQueen's armadillo ones.

And love her pumpkin head -- exactly in season. If you recall here in the US, all the pumpkin patches are sprouting out everywhere for the Halloween season... I can smell the pumpkin and cinnamon you are working with over there. Hope you feel better soon! xx

Anonymous said...

the shoes are jeffrey campbell!

adrielleroyale said...

How funny! We just had a potluck for a woman's baby shower and one of the ladies made pumpkin bars that were DIVINE!!! With cream cheese frosting - pretty sure I've gained a few on those suckers as I keep going back for more....and more...and more :)

Sophie Andersen said...

the shoes <3333
very cool outfits, please check my streetstyle-blog too :)
xx Sophie

Laura. said...

love the first girls look !
Those are for definite Jeffrey Campbell shoes :)