london fashion week: day-o

My favourite part of London Fashion Week is the day before the first day. Getting there on time, before the circus begins, queuing with the other photographers, marking our place in the pit, greeting old friends, making new ones.. I love everything about the behind the scenes aspect of any production: a film set, a concert.. I just love a good crew. There's something about those kind of guys.

As a Virgo, organisation is important to me, and so my LFW photographic files are named Day One, Day Two, and so on. For me, today, Thursday, the day before the first day, is Day Zero, or Day-O. My dad's favourite song. My most vivid memory is my dad walking round the house, singing it out loud. So this is the song I've chosen to illustrate this post: click below, if you'd like.

The set design for this year is looking great: pale pink, ballet pink, so dress accordingly. I'm glad it's not crazy busy, like some seasons. It means photographically it will be much easier to shoot. I hate a cluttered background (another Virgo trait). Interestingly, the wall in the front is a large video pattern, which means shooting people in front of it will be pretty surreal. They look like they're cut out. Like blue screen. You'll see.


Style At Every Age said...

So exciting xx

Anonymous said...

I love this angle Jill - it is so important to remember all the people apart from the models and designers who work so hard to put fashion week together - the construction crew etc. I really like the images you have chosen here. I'm really looking forward to your LFW updates - I reckon they'll be right up my street! But don't feel obliged to constantly post - we want you to enjoy it! Have fun xx

The Foolish Aesthete said...

I absolutely love behind-the-scenes (in ballet too) That's where all the crazy, frenetic energy is. So glad you posted these ones. That pixelated screen is pretty cool.

And I was just transported to childhood with Day-O. My dad LOVED Harry Belafonte and used to sing it around our house too (of course, we would wince as kids are wont to do).

Looking forward to the London scene, both behind and in front. xxx

slowdownapproaching30 said...

Have a great fashion week!

daisychain said...

I can't wait for your fw coverage Jill..I tend to skim over most blogs during that week as I find it repetetive but you always bring something fresh x

style odyssey said...

i always look forward to your FW coverage.
nice to see some of the "behind the scenes" people; they must work so hard, yet get little acknowledgement, i'd imagine. thanks for these glimpses.