what they wore: bold neutrals

From top: Ping, a model who I've met and shot since I believe my first fashion week, Sept 2009, then a really lovely German student whose name eludes me at the moment.* Then Nadia, aka Frou Frou.

*Thank you, Anonymous: it's Mario! Now it's coming back to me.

Trend wise, there really hasn't been any one particular, apart from long skirts (more of that coming up). Just when I'd think 'everyone's wearing black' I'd see tons of bright colour. Or I'd think 'everyone's wearing prints', but I'd also see a lot of solid, confident neutrals - neutral with a twist - as shown here. Clean, confident use of texture, like chunky knits, or lace. Little bits o' colour - like, say, in a red belt, or a burgundy jumper. I love how the student had the confidence to wear black leather gloves, silver chains, and that great bag, and pair it with a classic trench and my go-to favourite sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarers.

What I like - what I look for - is people who look more interesting than their clothes.

All shot at Somerset House, LFW, Day Four, 19 September 2011.


Jessie in Fashion Limbo said...

The German student is soooo cute, love how he wears that trench :) Anything goes really, at LFW, right? xxx

Lauren said...

All great looks!

The Styleseer

Carrott said...

Love the guy's style, the bag and the trench xx

Anonymous said...

His name is Mario!!! and he has got awesome style! x

jill said...

You're right!! Thank you, Anonymous Tip Off! I'm so glad to see the nice Anonymous's are back. I'll add it to the post. And thank you, Carlota, Lauren, Jessie.. you all have such lovely blogs too. xx