tali ho!

When I first met Tali Lennox (her model name: her dad is Israeli film and record producer Uli Fruchtman, and her mom is Annie Lennox, so she goes by both), it was at a fashion week, and I took her photos and she liked them so much she used them as her facebook profile, so we became facebook friends.

I didn't know who she was, just thought she was really nice.

Now she's like, everywhere: Burberry campaign, blah blah blah, but the thing is, she's still really, really nice. Normal: a real girl's girl. The other thing about her is she is an absolute chameleon: she looks totally different all the time. So you might think you don't know her, but you do, trust me.

I saw her at Vogue's Fashion Night Out last Thursday night, at the private Juicy Couture party: she was guest DJing, along with a guy who seemed to be an actual DJ. (I have just been informed by Elise @Juicy Couture: that regular DJ was Johnny Borrell, lead singer of Razorlight. KICKING MYSELF for being such an idiot, ignoring him, not taking his photo, and so on, but I was too busy chatting with Tali).

'Do you have to learn how to do this?' I asked. 'Not really,', said Tali, as she kind of wiggled the thingys on the board around, to show me how easy it is. Not rocket science, clearly.

Champagne and killer Cornish frozen yogurt in rose or elderflower, by HedgeRow: as Sabine said, those Juicy girls really know how to throw a party.


Anonymous said...

You know what Jill - it's so refreshing to see a model who looks, for want of a better word, 'normal'! She looks healthy and real and someone it would be realistic to aspire to emulate. So many model role models seem to be ethereal beings from another world, but she just looks fine! Lovely to hear that she's a great girl too. Sorry for the lack of comments recently - going back into normal routine last week was a real shock to the system! I don't know where the hours have gone but I haven't had any time to write or comment - something which I hope to rectify by managing my time more efficiently from now on! xx

Style At Every Age said...

So nice that she is a normal girl, very beautiful xx

The Foolish Aesthete said...

She's lovely and I can see her mother, Annie Lenox, in that first photo!

Oh, and happy to forward some of those 9/11 memories (I've been given permission) which I can send you in Word format to your e-mail. xx

Unknown said...

It is so lovely to see a beautiful model smiling! And she has such a lovely smile too, she does look like a genuinely nice person!

Toni Tran said...

amazing find! i was at london night out too!

adrielleroyale said...

I agree with Kate, love a smiling model :) Thanks for stopping by, I love hearing from you!! Oh and now I see me too! Thank you! lol! I guess I better get writing and photographing!

Seriously though, I love your blog :)

piqart said...

Very good!