wild bluebell malone

I am a huge fan of JO MALONE scents, but I am also a bit.. fanatical. I've been known to put myself at risk of missing flights at Heathrow because - this is the only duty free purchase I ever make - I couldn't decide which scent of cologne to buy. My friend Maryann thought I was brave for choosing a scent for her in London (Blue Cacao, in her case) because they didn't have any shops in Tranquility, NJ, and when she ran out she took a friend on the long trip to NYC, simply to replenish her stash at the flagshop store there. My brother called me all excited that they opened one in the West Village.

Everyone, it seems, is a Jo Malone junkie.

And now Jo Malone has launched a new one, called Wild Bluebell.

The thing about bluebells is, they only blossom for a brief period, in the spring. They seem to be a uniquely English thing. They need the right conditions: an ancient forest, for starts. If you've ever experienced one, it is HEAVEN. And the Jo Malone scents are pure magic.

The thing about reading about scent is a lot like reading a menu, a food review, or a recipe, and trying to imagine what it tastes, or in this case, smells, like. Check this out:

'Fresh bluebell and clove form the top notes of this light floral fragrance. Lily of the valley, eglantine and jasmine are found at the heart with white amber and musk at the base of the scent.'


The photos from the campaign are shot by the Vogue photographer, Tim Walker, and I've had the audacity to mix in some shots that my husband took of me, in a bluebell meadow, a year or two back. Please bear with me: my LFW Day One was very long, and very wonderful, and I'm so excited about going thru my photos and showing you the shows I saw, the people I shot.. but I can't. We're going to watch a bit of a DVD and then I'm soaking my weary bones in a Jo Malone bubble bath of Lime Basil & Mandarin, my special blend with almond oil and sea salt. Victora Beckham, incidentally, chose that scent, along with Grapefruit, to light as candles at the New York City Library on Sunday for NY fashion week, for her S/S 2012 presentation. I figure, if it's good enough for Posh Spice, it's good enough for these weary old bones.

Hope you're all having a lovely Friday night.


The Foolish Aesthete said...

Thank you for letting us know of a new Jo Malone scent -- another junkie here. I wear Nectarine & Honey, sometimes layered with Orange, every day. And I bought the Lime Basil one for my husband last year specifically so I could pinch from his stash.

Your bluebell field photos are wonderful! Rest well and we can't wait to see your perspective of LFW ... xx

Style At Every Age said...

I can't wait to smell this, these pictures are wonderful. xx

adrielleroyale said...

I <3 you Jill, you talk about this perfume like I would talk about an amazing tasting meal! LOL I love it!

Léo said...

Woah ! The dress is wonderful !


the purple forest is amazing.