the long and the short of it

I don't know about in other cities, but this fashion week in London, I was seeing a lot of long skirts. It felt like.. I could be wrong about this, but let's pretend you bought a long skirt. Chances are, you're not gonna wear it to the office, or hanging around - maybe I'm wrong - but when you're dressing for fashion week, and you want to make a 'statement'.. you see where I'm going with this thought.

On the other hand, I saw some really nice short skirts, too. Especially - I didn't shoot them that much, but there quite a few pleated, leather or leather look skater skirts. In black. And while we're at it: a surprising number of combinations of black with orange, which seems influenced by the catwalk last season. As an American, I'm not a big fan - I can't get the Halloween motif out of my head - but I really liked Annie, in the short orange skirt, thrifted vintage slightly transparent white lace shirt, and black bra peeking thru. And her vintage brown leather bag reminds me so much of my old Coach bag, which I bought new in the early 90s, and I'm trotting round with again.

Last but not least, I loved the attitude of the last girl. I simply could not get her to smile. Took about six shots and she was increasingly glaring - yet patient - in each shot. Her lavender dip dye hair so matches her skirt that if I were her, it's the only thing I'd wear.

All shot at Somerset House, Sunday, 18 September, 2011.


Anonymous said...

the first skirt is just SICK!

jill said...

Sick as in a good way? I'm not up to speed with the jargon. It's not like calling something PANTS, is it? Because we only encourage constructive criticism here at StreetStyle London: my feeling being that if an ordinary citizen, not in the public domain, is willing to trust me enough to take their photo and put it on my blog, I will not subject them to ridicule.

I think you mean sick in a good way. In which case, thank you on her behalf!

jill said...

Ah, here we go:


sick (comparative sicker, superlative sickest)
1. In poor health
She was sick all day with the flu

2. (colloquial) Mentally unstable, disturbed.

3. (colloquial) In bad taste.
That's a sick joke.

4. Having an urge to vomit.

5. (slang) Very good, excellent, awesome.
This tune is sick.
Dude this car has a fully sick subwoofer!

6. In poor condition
(sick building syndrome; my car is looking pretty sick; my job prospects are pretty sick)

I'm assuming you meant 5., as opposed to, say, 4 - in which case, again, thank you on her behalf.

As for me, I'm the first definition (1.), under the covers with the cat drinking tea on this sunny day, editing photos. Hence all this time on my hands to check out wiktionary. (And I really, really hope I'm not #2.) In any case, I've learned my one new thing today, so that's me sorted. All before noon.

Style At Every Age said...

They all look wonderful. Perhaps Anon isn't a fan of tie dye, I'm not really but when you look at every other aspect of her outfit and they way it is put together, it looks great and she looks cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didnt expect that my comment would couse such a feedback.
According to http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/sick my "sick" is used as a slang. When I can't find correct word to express my capture about sth I use this word.
I would LOVE to have the same skirt!

jill said...

No, sweet Anonymous, I'm just home with this stupid bug, trying to nip it in the bud: I've got time on my hands! And because I'm so, uh.. OLD, I just wasn't sure how you meant it. Did you know there's now a wikipedia dictionary? It's great. Anyway, don't worry - it's cool. That's an expression we used to use, probably before you were born. ; )

I wish I'd taken her details - I have no idea who she is, or where she got the skirt. Perhaps we'll get another Anonymous Tip Off.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I like that you're Anonymous. Especially after a recent spell Mean Girls Anonymous comments, it's refreshing to be contacted by someone nice again.

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous just because there are no other options for me to chose to send a comment!)
How old do you think I am?))
Now I'm thinking about this skirt half of my day.
All ur pictures are nice, but the first one just amazing..! If someone asked me about the most rememberable detail of a day, I would say it's this skirt.

Rebecca said...

is ANYBODY able to tell me where that last skirt is from? (be warned, i feel like i could possibly put similar comments throughout every post on your wonderful blog..)

Lauren said...

I love both these long skirt looks. The first one is really spot on with the gloves as a perfect finishing touch.

The Styleseer

jill said...

Thanks, Rebecca! Please do: I suffer from Comment Envy: it seems other bloggers get all these hundreds of comments. Not that I'm counting.. but while I'm stuck home in bed with this cold flu thing, it's such a delight to get such positive feedback.

I'm seconding the question - does anyone out there know where the last girl got her skirt??? Often I'll get tip offs from an Anonymous Source - I usually ask if I'm on the street, but I shot so many people this week I couldn't possibly write everything down. Usually there's a team - one to take details, the other to take photos, but it's just little old me.

And Anonymous: you do make me laugh. I don't know how old you are, I'm just assuming you're younger than me! And if you're spending half your day thinking about the skirt, I'm spending the other half trying to decide what to post next.. I have SO MANY PHOTOS, and I'm wading thru celebrity photos trying to figure out who people are. How sick am I!

Anonymous said...

It sounds little sarcastic.
And yes, sorry for my not perfect English.

jill said...

No no no I didn't mean to sound sarcastic! Oh dear, I hope I haven't offended you. I thought it was so sweet. If anything, I was mocking myself, for being so uncool as not to know that 'sick' is a compliment.

My English is so 'imperfect.' Please don't be offended, and I'm just laughing at myself for spending so much of my time on such silly things, like trying to figure out a song.. or who a certain celebrity is, because I think her name is Keli and I can't find it by just googling Keli, there's too many. I think it's lovely that you're thinking about a skirt that you like.

I apologise if I've hurt your feelings, truly. I meant the opposite: I was just laughing at myself, at how we can think about the oddest things, while going about our day. Email me if you'd like - we can clear this up: jill@haybooks.com. Thanks, Anon!

adrielleroyale said...

First of all, I totally agree with annonymous, that skirt is SO FRIGGEN AWESOME!! I LOVE that outfit and especially the skirt! Secondly I laughed so hard at your response Jill because I loved it! I figured it was meant as a compliment but I love where you went with it. You're awesome Jill :)

Sophie Andersen said...

very cool outfit, please check my streetstyle-blog too :)
xx Sophie