artist and muse

While I was with Hind on Sloane Street, we saw this couple pass very quickly, and ran after them. He's a photographer, she's his PR - and muse - and they were late for a photo shoot, but they kindly stopped to pose for me. We exchanged cards & I can't find his - or remember either of their names - so if you know these people, please let them know to contact me, and I'll send them the pics & a big thank you!


Stephanie Clayton said...

oh wow! they look spectacular...real individuals with great style, and most decidedly not trendy.
love it!

Anonymous said...

They both look so stylish and unique. I want her jacket!

christine said...

Artist and Muse---good title for them both.

Anonymous said...

that skirt is so fabulous.
a unique look :)
lots of love,
nicky x x

Braindance said...

I can tell you, Bono & Nicole Kidman.

As you may be able to tell, I think I'm funny. x

Frannie said...

Yeah, I can see that.. I'm sure they're just good friends.