horses for courses

Hope you don't mind that I'm posting more shots with Hind in the same outfit - I promise I'm not just milking it because I don't have more streetstyle shots. I do. Tons o' them. And I love them all!
I wanted to show this look from the back because I love the jacket's details, and the little flower in her hair. Although she bought her Manoush jacket two years ago I've found a similar one - also by Manoush - on sale here). Hind wanted to show me the window at Hermes because she's taking a fashion course and chose Hermes for a project on shop window design. They were originally equestrian suppliers (bridles, etc). Hence their motifs on the scarfs and these fabulous carousel horses in their Sloane Street windows.

Gotta run. We've just been up to the Hay Festival & had a gorgeous perfect weekend with friends. Lots of Literary Festival Style shots, and I even got to swim - bliss! Later : )


Stephanie Clayton said...

i love her bag!
another lovely pic. i am so shy about approaching strangers on the street, so i admire photographers who have the guts...
therefore, i really appreciate your street shots & what it takes to get them! plus, they are wonderful. :)

jill said...

Oh, Stephanie, thank you so much for this! I'm actually quite shy, too - always was one of those shy/outgoing girls who can star in the school play but really feels more at home in art class, quietly drawing while the rest of the class is being all prankish.

It was really hard to break thru that shyness to start this a few months ago, even tho I've been shooting for years (mostly either landscapes/ still lives, or myself with a timer: I'm my own best muse, as I'm easily led and delightful to work with! : ).

In some ways it gets easier but it's still - basically opening oneself to rejection every time. Most people say yes, but a rejection is still a rejection, no matter how thick a skin I develop. Often I'll see someone with great style but just can't seem to open my mouth. Literally. And I hate letting a good one get away. So I really appreciate you appreciating what it takes!

Hope all's wonderfully paradise in your part of the world.