Liliya, from Russia, looking fabulous on Sloane Street. She has a gallery on Russian Art, Artelia. I can't wait to see a show she'll be in soon in Knightsbridge, as she specialises in Ukrainian contemporary art, and my roots go back to that part of the world. (All about me, again).
I was thinking about something Nicky wrote in her blog, lipsoflondon, and how Chanel seems to have lost its way as a brand. And yet, that Chanelesque mentality has pervaded modern women's references and attitudes to fashion in so many ways, a theme I keep returning to. Is Nicky right: has Chanel become so much a part of the ether that the centre has dissolved, like a aging star in a distant galaxy? Hmm. Something to think about.

P.s. Just heard from Liliya - on her way to the Eurostar for Paris - who has confirmed the jacket IS Chanel, bag by Prada. Memo to self: when she's back, find out what was in the Vivier bag, for Amy of Style Spy (aka Curious in Austin Texas)


StyleSpy said...

Beautiful and classic and WHAT is in that Vivier bag, she asked nosily...

jill said...

Hi Amy, I'll find out when she's back from Paris, and get back to you : )