grey skies are gonna clear up

Bird watching in Wakodahatchee ('that's easy for you to say', as my dad would say) in Boynton Beach, Florida, with my family. Brittany was there with her boyfriend and happy to pose for me, while storm clouds gathered and my brother-in-law, Rich, shot other birds. Top Tip for city girls in London or any other town: a grey day is no excuse to dress drab: bright colours pop against a gloomy sky.
Let a smile be your umbrella!


amanda said...

Love the colours!

Branding Is Blather said...

Either I need to adjust the colors on my monitor, or that is one of the most vibrant top/bottom color combos I've seen in a while.

jill said...

Do not adjust your monitor! It's the dark sky, which really made Brittany's combo stand out amongst all the other tropical birds. : )