pretty in pink

Alex, King's Road, London


Anonymous said...

love her skirt :)
Nicky x x

Stephanie Clayton said...

pink and black are popping up a lot this spring. what a pretty, fresh combo! she looks so classy. i appreciate how her bag is in an unexpected shape/color from the rest of her look.
beautiful photo.

jill said...

The other thing I'm seeing a lot here is black with orange and white. I'm thinking of combining it with this posting. I've been wearing orange/hot pink/black - with a tan and/or tan clothes - since '97 when we first went to Andalucia & our first bullfight. I predict that combination is going to be huge in London this spring. It's a logical extension of the strong crisp black & white thing.
Are you seeing it a lot in the BVI, Stephanie? That 'palate' - mostly black & white, with hot pink, some orange (or else pale pink with black)- was what I was mostly wearing on the catamaran in Feb. : )

StyleSpy said...

I'm mad for that coat. Or is it a cape?

jill said...

Don't know. I'll ask her.