post punk pink

Chloe, ex art student, St. Martins College of Art, Tottenham Court Road.

I was doing errands near St. Martins, which has now become so much of a destination spot for international streetstyle photography, that the students are literally poised, like celebs, at the entrance, waiting to be papp'd. As I've said from the start, what I look for in my subjects is something more subtle than simply weird or attention seeking. If I ask to take your photo, it is only ever a compliment: I like your style.

And I like Chloe's. Every bit of it, down to and including the ballet pink fishnet stockings with the big hole under her black above the knee socks. It's been pretty bleak and blustery here recently, and I didn't realise til I got the shot back that the wind revealed, in this one fleeting moment that the shutter snapped, a polka dot silver lining on a cloudy day.

Oh my! They're not polka dots, they're tiny pink hearts. Even better. Kind of a variation of wearing your heart on your sleeve, I guess.


Stringedmusic said...

yep, pretty in punk! luv the blog! :)

Stephanie Clayton said...

Recently had a magenta pink streak in my hair (decided to give it a break for a while...) but I do so like the all-pink hair on her! Sweet, but punky and edgy too!

Anonymous said...

that's a cool slightly retro yet unique look.