Kara in Zara

We're already seeing quite a bit of bold, often tribal prints on the street in London, and expect to see more. This example, by Zara, on Kara (I know!), in Spitalfields Market, works really well, which is surprising considering her beautifully pale English rose colouring. Of course this will also look brilliant with a tan, or on black or brown skin tones.
Many designers are showing bold, warm ethnic-inspired prints this season: Alexander McQueen is doing absolutely gorgeous stuff - the patterns are stunning in the flesh, and the construction is strong and very feminine, as below. This example, from Net a Porter, is in cooler tones, but he's also doing it in warm orangey browns. Prada of course has been doing this for a while, and Nicole Fahri, but the best looks we're finding, as always, are on the street.


Anonymous said...

Love it

christine said...

Hey Jill

Would love to see some fashion ideas for those of us who are pinching pennies at the moment and can't afford designers. Zara is a good start!! I love their stuff and so cheap!