a paris state of mind

This isn't Paris: it's Rotten Row, in Hyde Park, and the model is a charming American girl studying here, who was strolling with her very lovely parents. They used to say only Parisian women knew how to tie a scarf, but this being a global world, clearly the rest of us are getting the hang of it.


christine said...

I love this, love everything about it!

Sidra L said...

Same here! Was around Hyde Park today. Tights seem to be very in here... Love the scarf

Anonymous said...

She looks so pretty and nice. I love faded jean skirts with black tights and ballet shoes, great look, so simple. Thank you, love your blog! : )
Nicole xoxo

Stephanie Clayton said...

lovely and fresh! she does know how to wear that scarf!
pretty girl. nice shot.

Anonymous said...

it's funny how sometimes the simplest looks are the best.
- danielle x