head & shoulders

Went twice to the Chelsea Flower Show last week - once on my own and once with Mr. Dot & met friends. The flowers, as expected, were stunningly beautiful, and I've never seen such an assortment of floral prints in one place - but not all of it was a good look, trust me. The biggest hits (and most photographed) were a contest of hats made out of flowers, and Carry Sommers' fabulous fair trade Panama hats (more on that tomorrow). I did like this combination of spikey hair and bright print top - from the shoulders up.


Anonymous said...

Oh the hat is realy pretty. Not sure on the top though, a little bit like a rainbow has thrown up on it.

Anonymous said...

*really pretty even.

jill said...

Oh, Anonymous, that's hilarious! What a great turn of phrase,, like a rainbow has thrown up on it. I'm determined - my number one rule - is only post people whose style I LIKE - no laughing at people's taste or especially, shape or face - but, hey, it's raining & we all could use a good laugh sometimes, so I'll bend my own rules.