postcards from palm beach: black and white classic

My friend Christine suggested I offer tips for today's credit crunching climate. Here's my top tip: don't shop. At all. Not even eBay. Just re- think what you've already got. Use colour (or better yet, stark black and white) to re-invent your look. Everyone's got a black cardie (and if you don't, what are you wasting your time reading this? That's the one exception: run out and buy one, the simpler the better). Everyone's got white trousers, provided you didn't give them away cause you thought they were too Chav: they're not. Let your top be in your own voice: a bright colour, a black and print, a favourite old tee.
In Felice's case, it helps that she is classically beautiful and slim, with porcelain skin and raven hair, like Snow White. And I'm sure everything she's wearing is top quality (altho, you never know: a great trick that every stylish woman knows is to wear some really good items, like a great watch, and Topshop the rest). I mean, look at Frida, the Swedish model! Total High Street. Or MK! I don't know how much she spent on that outfit, but she looks a million bucks.

One glorious morning, I followed the ghost of Kate Hepburn down Worth Avenue. She must have been in her 80s, but she ruled the Street.

When in doubt, channel Chanel. Stick with the classics. Think Palm Beach, which after all, is really just a state of mind.


Anonymous said...

White trousers and a top is so terribly boring though!

Anonymous said...

I disagree. It's whatever you make it. She looks so chic and gorgeous!
(from Lisa, LA)

Stephanie Clayton said...

So classy and chic, both ladies are very Palm Beach.
I disagree with Anonymous (06 May 14:37). I don't think the white-on-white seen here is boring at all...totally depends on the essence of the wearer. This lady has it!
P.S. Thanks so much, Jill, for adding Style Odyssey to your link list. I am flattered!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Those pics are amazing, especially the last one. So beautiful and architectural! That older woman looks amazing--I really appreciate it when older women still dress like they care.