hind sight

Hind, outside Harrods. Sorry: Mr. Dot & I had an 8:30 a.m. dentist appointment across town - we walked thru the park at 7:30 - and I've been out shooting all day so please bear with me: just walked thru the door. There's more to this story and it has to do with macarons. Just didn't want you to come to my blog and see the same old same old.
Thanks for understanding!
p.s. A bit on Hind's outfit: Patent leather Dior bag (new collection), shoes, RAS, bought this year in a boutique in Primerose Hill, jacket: Manoush, (bought 2 years ago in Primerose Hill too), and skirt, Levis, new collection.


Stephanie Clayton said...

i love everything about this shot. and what a smart way to dress up denim!

StyleSpy said...

Je veux quelques macarons maintenant! ::sigh:: A Ladurée bag is one of my favorite accessories. Also, how adorable is that jacket?

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

She looks so chic...I can't believe she made a denim skirt look so pulled together.

P.S. thanks for the shout out! Right back at you! XOXO

TheSleekGeek said...

Love her smile so much

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

Very chic style! I love her shoes and jacket. They make the denim skirt looks extraordinary.

Ismael SLAOUI said...

c'est moi qui ai choisi la jupe ! enfin, donné l'avis final !