at the foot of the Academy

Last week, was with Mr. Dot in sudden sweltering heat, heading to a meeting, and just as we turned off Bond Street I saw Emma, relaxing with a book. She just looked so cool and calm. Her sandals are by 'something Italian', I think she said, from Harvey Nichols a few years back.

Emma is lovely, just really easy and warm. She works as an Actors Agent on Dover Street and often spends her lunch hour 'at the foot of the Academy', which is where I found her. What a fascinating job that must be. I noticed that day - in that heat - a lot of black, surprisingly. All black, or white. All this fuss about nudes, you'd think in the heat everyone would be wearing all that seashell pink and shades of grey and beige, but that day, it was mostly stark black, bit of pattern, or white with shades of nudes. The difference this season is those wonderful unexpected pops of bright colour: nails, definitely. But also accessories.

Left, Prada's window on Bond Street, and a girl nearby in off white. Practically white. Pale nude. Whatever.

The rain is softly coming down, and Mr. Dot is at some 'guy's' film. The plan was I'd go see SATC2 then meet up for Bad Lieutenant (it's a double feature kinda day), but with laundry, and the cat, and catching up on stuff.. I missed it last night: an accident at Hyde Park Corner, the bus re-routed thru Knightsbridge, my friend texting they were sold out at Fulham Road and heading to the King's Road..

Didn't love SATC1, frankly. I preferred the tv series (btw: REALLY loved your comments: something that Leslie in Adams Morgan said reminded me: I totally identified with the relationships and realised it's only now, when I'm NOT single, that I'm focusing on the friendship aspect'). Anyway, figured I'd hand my seat over to a more worthy girl. Instead rented some of the earlier shows, which I love - kind of be there in spirit - and hung out with the cat, while Mr. Dot drove back from fishing.

I always feel so much nicer about him when he's not here. We were joking around that I really should kill him and have him stuffed, this way I can do all my birdy birdy tweet tweet stuff.. talk about my feelings.. we figured if we de-boned him and replaced it with wires, I could arrange his arms so he's all huggy and cuddly. And he'd never tickle me, or get all pranky.

Well, enough chit chat. Time to move the cat off my feet, don my new Topshop Lady Gaga inspired 'clear PU trenchcoat' and head out into it. Here's a shot from that breakfast, I really must do a proper shot in it.

How is your weekend shaping up so far?


the style crusader said...

whoaaaaaa i can not believe you got that trench! it is awesome! remember at LFW there was that blonde girl with a clear trench like that? i think hers was some designer... less well shaped and didn't have the black contrast. that looks so cool (another coat of yours i must add to my list to steal from you....). good luck out in the rain! xx

jill said...

how funny, just sent you an email... just heading out in to the rain - and yes, what's the saying, me casa su casa? same for coats xo

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

wow, the trench is amazing! yes, please do take some proper shots in it, it looks so lovely on you.

love, jazzabelle. x

Blindcopy said...

the trench is beautiful. it's got a nice 60s vibe. and your shoes are lovely!

Carrott said...

Love the trench but I am crazy about those wedges! (I think I haven't commented on them yet) Now that I figured out I can't wear heels all I want are wedges!

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

thanks for the link. :-)


Miller said...

The first lady you photographed looks so beautiful and relaxed, love the colour of nailpolish she used!
continue to love your blog.

Love Food said...

Love that trench on you!

Lydia xxx


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love white and pastel colour! Definitely want to wear white dresses this summer, can't wait. Wish I could have a necklace like this to go with my white tude dress.