ladies who lunch: jumpin' jackie flash & her band of merry onliners

Yesterday, outside the gorgeous Orangery in Kensington Gardens, on the lawn that presumably Princess Di once frolicked (did she ever frolick?), after tea and champagne, approximately twenty female fashion bloggers, or 'onliners', as they are sometimes known, risked fines or possibly prison. On the very part of the lawn that it clearly was sign posted 'please keep to the paths' (i.e., stay off the grass, and the title of Jen's post). All for the sheer joyful celebration of life. One life in particular: Jackie's, the Platform Princess. But by extension, all life. Even squirrel life. And pigeons. Actually, pigeons' sex lives. But that's another story.

(Meanwhile, ironically, on the other side of town, a band of rather unstylish people were protesting the Queen. I'm all for freedom of speech, but the QUEEN? She's so sweet. Pick on someone your own size, says I.)

How anyone could have protested anything is beyond me. It was a glorious, perfect, perfect day in every way. Hot but not too hot, brilliantly sunny, not a cloud in the sky, cool in the shade: England at it's most Gloriousnessest. I want to say more, but must dash across town to a Uniqlo Press Day @ St. Martin's Lane, so will leave you with a few jump shots, and I promise, will post more later. As other people who were there have said, it was just so unbelievably energising. What a fabulous group of smart, sweet, creative women.

And the funny thing is, so many of us are in totally unfashiony fields: lawyers or law students, medical students, working for the government, in education, getting masters' degree in political theory.. not a vacuous fashionista in the bunch. And yet, all, totally, delightfully fashionable. (Speaking of which, inspired by Sara Elisa yesterday, today I'm wearing white tee, black belt with gold details, beige oops sorry nude shorts, bare legs, black tailored jacket, griegy blue ankle socks, and brown t-bar heels by prada.

From left to right: Nicole of The Power of Beauty, Lovely Lucy whose blog, Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, turns One Year Old on Friday (contact her if you want in on THAT do!), Saskia the brainy yet beautiful third year medical student of Not Just Medical, Jackie the Birthday Girl and also the Platform Princess, Kit Kat the sweet Style Slicker, Tobi and of Style By Queens (check it out, they've already made a FILM on it!), Jennifer of Fashion East (more about her later: she is fabulous), Jennifer the Style Crusader who miraculously got us all together in one place, God only knows how she did it, and the delightful, adorable, Danielle of The F Blog. (not pictured: fabulous Fiona, of Save Our Shoes, and beautiful wise old soul Shini, of Park & Cube. And me, of course, behind the camera, screaming JUMP over and over and over and over. I can't believe they're still talking to me, but it was a good way to utilise all that sugar energy, and shake up the champagne, beer, lovely cakes, finger sandwiches, scones, and chocolate scented tea.


the style crusader said...

these photos are HILARIOUS jill! i love the second to last one how tobi/jennifer look like they are literally being pulled off the ground by a string attacked to their raised wrist. so so funny. i had so much fun. i am totally blown away by how wonderful everyone is. last night fred said to me, 'so you know... all these BLOGGERS you meet... are they actually even nice??!' i was like, 'really and truly unbelievably so'. and it's so true! everyone is so cool and so nice. seriously i am so glad to be friends with all of these girls. lucky lucky me. xx

Style Odyssey said...

I am amazed that Jen was able to pull off the feat of getting all those lovely bloggers together. That can't be easy; I couldn't even get a handful of my BVI girlfriends together for a day trip, drinks, or pizza night!

Delightful pics, J. I love the exuberance here. I must check out their blogs.

Love the striped dress worn by...I believe that's Jackie, if I counted correctly.

styleeast said...

I LOVE these! So funny. I'll work on getting some better height for the next time you try to get me to jump. It was just the best afternoon, by the time 7pm had come round I was wondering how it was possible some of us had only just met! More of the same soon I hope x

ps - love Nicole's jump in the last photo, that's impressive (the freedom of being on the end I suspect!!)

Cecylia said...

I love the right most gal's outfit

Platform P said...

Too freaking funny!

I didn't actually realise that you had made us all jump again. You are such a tricker; it seemed like such a natural thing to do!

Was this the most perfect day ever? I have said this a million times, but I totally agree with Jen about people beign nice. I had the best birthday- thank you!


The Fashion Cloud said...

These pictures are just PERFECT!!!
God I wish i could have been there but I am looking forward to seeing you soon maybe this we or next week.

I think you have a thing for making people jump haha


Adorngirl said...

this is too funny loving jen's face in the second shot. only you jil can make jumping a normal portrait. love it. xx

Style Slicker said...

Thank goodness for the 'DEP' setting, the jumping shots are impressive and funny LOL. Ahh maybe I should jump higher next time?

Daniella said...

haha omg this is TOO funny! what a lovely day it was!

jill said...

I think it may be a phase I'm going thru (Fashion Cloud). I dread to think what I'll make people do next!

Style Slicker: Thank goodness for YOU, teaching me about it! In fact I'd better add that to the post. Sorry I didn't put that in.

Adorngirl: I just looked. You're right. She definitely gets A for effort. But did you see Saskia? (notjustmedical) that top shot, she's got a perfect double leg knee bend, that's Olympic quality.

Oh Jackie, it was just the most perfect all time birthday party ever ever. It will live in our hearts and our memories forever, I bet.

Rebecca said...

Ahhh, this looks like so much fun!! When all my exams are over I'll definitely have to join in on one of your cupcake gatherings (:


jill said...

Oh you're totally invited, Rebecca. I just don't know if it will live up to yesterday. You can't beat that perfect day! I assume that everything in life will just be downhill from here. ; )

Soon as your exams are over get in touch. We'll be doing another one soon as Jen is done, probably the 17th.

Hedvig said...

Wonderful pictures Jill, looks like you all had so much fun! xx

daniela kate morosini said...

these are fabulous! so happy and carefree, and the lovely mishmash of styles. i hope we get some fab ones like this at lucy's! x

Nicole Trundle said...

AHH, hahha, these are amazing, my dress was the wrong attire for high jumping though which is a shame, if we do a meet up again, I will try and wear something a little more appropriate for jumping. Much Love xx

Blindcopy said...

lovely! what an amazing bunch of pretty women! :)

Anonymous said...

Haha! I love these jump photos! They are hilarious!! Jackie looks like she's dancing and I love Daniella's and Nicole's jump poses in the last photo!!


Style Slicker said...

Ummm Jill you've directed Sakia's link to my link LOL.