chanel meltdown

Too, too weird: I was with Jen in Covent Garden before Jackie's Amazing Orangery Birthday Party, and the one girl I wanted to stop - Christina, in her Chanel melting logo tee from Camden market - turns out SHINI KNOWS HER. It's just such a gosh darn, teeny tiny itsy bitsy wee world.

And then.. I was going to post this yesterday but I didn't, and today, Jen did. And everything I meant to say about logos and brands and the idea of designers selling cheaper items... oh just go read her post. It's better put than anything I could say ; )

The strange thing is, (as if the other parts weren't strange enough), when we saw her she looked pretty, and it was a nice look, but somehow.. it was a very bright, hot day, and the Chanel logo looked like it was melting - which was the idea - but in the harsh, un-English light, she looks... scary. Which she is so not.

Oh and another thing: I said I loved her ring and asked her to pose like that, and right after, Jen was telling me about this new thing of brands like YSL selling rings more affordable than bags (which doesn't even make SENSE!) and she mentioned Jackie, that's right, the Princess Herself, having the ring in orange (can you make it out in this shot with Jennifer from Style East?).

Here's the thing: somehow, Jen and I never talked to each other about it afterwards. Well, it must be true, great minds think alike.


Nicola said...

Absolutely beautiful snaps as always!! You really have an eye for beautifully composed outfits, and this is no exception! Now, to finding that ring...

jill said...

Thank you! If you click thru on YSL or rings, that's their online site (aren't I nice to them? : ) - I'm not sure if that exact model is still there but there are similar ones. They're not cheap cheap - about $200 USD range - but still so much cheaper than things like their bags!

Carrott said...

Just like I said in Jen's post, I really love this girl. And I always wanted that blonde haircut. But my curly hair wouldn't let me do it.

Anonymous said...

great style files! love the look and her hairstyle is great! would love to have blonde hair like that!

The Photodiarist said...

First photo is great. You've gotta post faster Dot!! Not that I don't love Jen't blog, but I want to hear what you'd say about the issue too!

jill said...

Ha! Yeah (PD), she's really keeping me on my toes ; )

Basically, I'd have said exactly what she did. That's the freaky part. She's like.. what's that film, my (gay) friend Daniel loved it, he'd quote it all the time.. All About Eve! That's it! Jen, if you're reading this: stay away from my man.

Some Style + Carrott: I know what you mean. My hair is straight when I blow dry it but when it dries naturally it's kind of.. ripply. There are some cuts that just don't wash (sorry) on me.

tdw said...

This t-shirt is so beautiful, we love it !

Kisses from France
Olivia & Mariam