mr. dot gets all arty

In the early years of our so called courtship - which made Carrie and Big's seem boring by comparison - I used to do 'self portrait' photography with my dad's Pentax, colour slide film, and a large metal tripod which we carried around in the car, mostly upstate in a wonderful cabin in the woods on the Esopus that we rented near Woodstock, NY. Mr. Dot fished while I tried to swim in the shallow rocky streams, and took photos, and drew. There were no blogs back then.

When I started blogging, I felt too silly (and too old) to do 'self style' posts, and besides, unlike a lot of the other bloggers who had boyfriends to shoot them, Mr. Dot had no interest. But every once in a while - like the day we went to the bluebells - he gets all arty on me. He found this spot a few miles from the bluebells, stopped the car, forced me out (still in my bluebell shoot outfit), and started shooting. It was all over within minutes.

You've probably heard me bang on about Shane Watson a lot: she writes for the Sunday Times Style section. Her editorials - along with the Aunt Sally column - are the best part of Sunday morning for me. This week was a double treat: along with her regular column, she also did a great piece called 'Let's stick together'
that starts with Sienna and Jude, but expands into her DTIP (Don't Take It Personally) theory. About this idea that if things don't go our way, we don't have to throw all our toys out of the pram, but can understand, sometimes it's the other person's stuff, and it's not personal.

She's partly talking about fidelity - and distinguishes between not being a victim (she's not saying, for example, Elin should have stayed with Tiger). But it applies to all relationships, Big, or small.

This is all rich, coming from me: halfway thru this post, Mr. Dot and I had a huge blow up because he accused me of losing his wool (he's attempting to darn his own socks: SWEAR TO GOD. This from a guy who can't even make scrambled eggs). I can't tell if he's gotten over it and is happily watching Spring Watch in another room, or if he's stewing, while watching Spring Watch. I'm just trying to not TIP.

Anyway, read the article, it's great. Lace pattern tee shirt dress, still on loan from American Apparel (buy it thru clicking on my ad, right, and I'll get a commission! ; ), tights by Hue, shoes, vintage Prada, wooden bracelet, TU Sainsbury's.. let's see.. copper bull ring a gift from my lovely husband, Mr. Dot, when we first met (his dad, a vet, asked how much he paid for this - from a shop in Hay-on-Wye, and I said I think £20, and he was incensed: 'I could have got you one for free, just pulled it out of a bloody bull', said his dad.) Watch, you've seen before, by Quinn, also a gift from the wonderful, never dull, Mr. Dot.


Unknown said...

Jill what the number of your yoga instructor? You look fantastic. I'm a yes to more self style shots of yourself! I will definitely check out the article sounds really insightful.... I really like the focus on the blooming flower in the shot but yet it doesn't steal your spotlight.


the style crusader said...

love this post jill. i love how you say 'there were no blogs back then'... and it sounds like your referring to a time about a hundred years ago - when really it was only like 5 years ago that there weren't any blog. this is lovely. the photos are great. mr. dot did a wonderful job. hope he isn't stewing.... xx

Platform P said...

It's weird that I knew those shoes were prada without even looking at your previous post. Moving on :-) I love this post Jill! You and Mr Dot seemed to be living a romantic fairytale.
I also love the whole 'your stuff' thing. Someone oncelet me in on this, because I used to be so offended by how others acted. It'soooo true.

Great shots.


Anonymous said...

fantastic shoes - and fantastic pics . . ck:) x

jill said...

That's so funny, Jackie, it's so not a fairytale! ; )

In fact, Jen, to answer your question, I have no idea if he's stewing or not because I'm holed up in the bedroom with the laptop and the cat, who is obliviously taking a bath. All know is, Gavin and Stacey is on and he's not laughing his head off, which feels a bit ominous.

Style by Queens (I assume Tobi? Or is it Kiki?) you are soooo sweet!! I have a few (yoga instructors) but I can give you one guy's number.. he's a friend, too, and does private lessons. But mostly - for me, it's swimming. Which I haven't done nearly enough of this winter. I LOVE SWIMMING!!!

Shane Watson is brilliant. I wish we could bring her to a blogger's event, she just sounds so generous and wise.

Love Food said...

Really lovely shots. You look amazing Jill! The flowers on the first and third pictures almost look as though they are framing the photo.

Oh and good luck to Mr Dot with his sock darning.

Lydia xxx


WeShop said...

Hi from Glasgow and from a fellow Sunday Times Style mag addict! I love Shane's pieces too - her writing is just great and is a Sunday morning treat (along with good coffee and pastries at my local coffee shop). I look out for her other freelance work - Easy Living mag etc, always a joy to read. xx

Carrott said...

I also want the number of your yoga instructor! You look great!

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

you look AMAZING in the first picture, you babe! i just love the pose and the lighting is so perfect.

haha, i literally laughed out loud when you mentioned that mr dot has been attempting to darn his own socks. and as lydia said, good luck to him! :)

love, jazzabelle. x

Anonymous said...

wow, Jill you look smashing i gotta say, totally babe! you rockin it! great posing, love your style! looks like you had lots of fun! keep up the great postings... No. 1 fan! hehe

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I hope Mr. Dot gets arty more often. YOU look mahvelous, dahling!

Style Odyssey said...

Mr. Dot should get arty more often, and you should get in front of the camera like this more often, my dear Jill!
Having only met Mr. Dot twice, I cannot for the life of me envision him darning socks. But I believe you. Those men! Full of surprises, aren't they? :)

The Photodiarist said...

Your posts about Mr. Dot are so funny! Wool? Darn socks? OMG!

BTW, you are not too old to do self-style shots! You are in kickass shape, woman!


i love the dress

styleeast said...

Oh you look so lovely, that dress is gorgeous and I'm going to need those shoes from you ha ha! Very very funny too x

jill said...

Oh what lovely, supportive comments to read on a freezing June morning, listening to Bob Dylan and sipping excellent coffee. I was going to bunk off yoga class (which starts in 12 minutes and is 5 minutes away) but I owe it to you all to get my lazy ass over there this minute!

Counting on this particular teacher to be late. He usually is.

Oh btw: Mr. Dot has not yet darned. Can't find the wool. The whole 'kit' was out on a table that the cat frequents, for over a week. Mushroom: still there. Socks? Yup. Even the needle packet is safe. Wool.. not to be found.

So we've got one cat, who isn't talking, and some missing wool. I'm sure it's in his lair, under the bed.

jill said...

p.s. He is a self taught sock darner: got bless YouTube.

ForeverPetite said...

Wow love this picture! And you wear a very nice dress!

adrielleroyale said...

You look lovely!!! Love the background with the pattern of the dress...artsy indeed! :)