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Yesterday, when I was wearing faded denim shorts with tights & slight heels, inspired by Hedvig, I found myself in Knightsbridge, having just met some great friends and en route to meet my dear friend Natayla for lunch.

I happened to have gone slightly out of my way to check out the location of the new Topshop, opening in Knightsbridge on Thursday, so I could tell friends where to meet tomorrow for an early preview breakfast.

That's when I saw Rachel. I so often see someone with a great look that I just clock but don't shoot, but this time, I saw this girl waaaay across the road. In order to reach her I had to wait for two sets of lights to change, but luckily I could see she was stopped outside an estate agent, which gained me some time.

Still, she was power walking at quite a fast clip, carrying two large Starbucks lattes, AND an orange phone. (Not necessarily an Orange phone, mind you). I was noting the bead work and woven details on her fabulous Phillip Lim jacket, nicely tanned quite perfect BARE LEGS (it was freakin' freezing yesterday!) but as fast as she moved, I moved faster.

Finally caught with her. She's Rachel, she's American, from Michigan originally moved here with her boyfriend via Miami, where she trained in Miami as yoga teacher. Her boyfriend started a school here called Power Yoga London.

We couldn't help laugh at the cliche of it all: American girls, she's carrying these Starbucks coffees.. she's delightful. And now we're facebook friends. And that, my friends, is the end of the story!

Rachel's fabulous little griege suede boots are by a French brand called Maje. Her jacket is Phillip Lim. Her shirt is GAP, shorts Ralph Lauren, bag and sunglasses Chanel. Necklace 3, Forever 21 bracelets. Coffee, Starbucks. Phone, not a clue.


Cecylia said...

Wow her outfit is amazing!

Anonymous said...

so cute, indeed! love the grey suede shoes!

the style crusader said...

jill this is amazing! she looks incredible! i love your impromptu street style shots. she is absolutely gorgeous and i really really love everything she is wearing. that jacket and the bag with the beed work on the strap! perfect! xx

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

she looks beautiful, oh so chic. her legs are perfect (lucky thing), as are her teeth! you really do inspire me to be brave enough to photograph stylish people i see out and about, jill.

love, jazzabelle. x

Style At Every Age said...

Your world is full of beautiful people, love her look.

Love Food said...

I really love her Philip Lim jacket.

Lydia xxx


Alex Loves said...


Absolutely wonderful, thanks for going out and finding 'real' people like her, these are the kinds of girls I'm most inspired by!



daniela kate morosini said...

she's gorgeous! i love the cosy coat and shoes combo there. i saw you'd liked power yoga on facebook and was intrigued, but this clears it up! i hope she doesnt find england too cold :)

Style Odyssey said...

i've been having trouble w/ blogger (posting comments) and now firefox....trying again, hoping this goes through:
wow, great legs!
and for some mysterious reason, i have always liked gingham, but only when worn unexpectedly. you can't take little squares on clothing too seriously. ;)

Copious Couture said...

She is so lovely... she looks so ready for spring!


Olivia Isabella. said...

Love love love the jacket and gingham shirt!
Please put up your outfit from yesterday!
UO x

the Citizen Rosebud said...


EML said...

I've been seeing selections of pictures with crosses in it (mainly jewelry, t shirts or tatoos) all over the blogosphere and kept asking myself whether there is a more original way to wear a cross than in the form of a necklace. And this amazing jacket clearly is a good alternative.

Anonymous said...

i love the entire look, AMAZING DRESSER, GORGEOUS GIRL, and as sweet as can be!!! but, best of all Shes my sister!!! I love you Rach! <3 Adina

Sarah said...

oh my! THAT jacket! I have a mild Philip Lim obsession- she looks awesome.
Hoping to check out the new Toppers this weekend, if i don't get crushed in the crowds! let us know how it goes on Thurs! xx

styleeast said...

I'm having major summer leg envy. And Lim envy as I, like Sarah above, am a tad obsessed! x

Hedvig said...

Great photos Jill!! I really love her jacket and I can't wait to run around bare legged, how did she manage?xx

Carrott said...

She looks stunning. And I want my legs to look like hers!

jill said...

Yoga, Carrott ; )

Thank you all on Rachel's behalf for your really generous and lovely comments. She's seen my post & the comments & I can tell it's really making her feel welcome here in Lovely London.

Hedvig: the answer is, she was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING!! Hence, I guess, needing two large cups of coffee as hand warmers.

It's funny, Eveline, I never saw it as crosses. I was mostly noticing the beads on her right shoulder, because I took shots of someone in a cardigan - which I can't find ANYWHERE, & I've been looking - outside the V&A one day. I'm sure now, it must be Phillip Lim as well. It must be a motif he uses, like a little signature.

jill said...

p.s. Adina: just saw that comment! Lucky you, I bet she's a great sister ; )

www.majormusthaves.com said...


Unknown said...

She looks LUSH! Great outfit, and great legs! Those boots are gorgeous- alot like the Isabel Marant ones which I've pined after for too long... Would love to spend the summer looking like this! xx

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adrielleroyale said...

Gorgeous legs!!! Super cute outfit too :)