shini's snippets of shiny thoughts

Two phrases keep going thru my head lately: 'snippets of shiny thoughts', and 'it's not about the clothes.' The second phrase will be in my next post. The first, is the name of Lucy's blog and as you know (see end of previous post) today Snippets is having her first birthday. (Are blogs female? Anyone who's French, can you answer that? Actually.. Le Blog de Betty.. guess blogs are male).

Anyway, this post isn't about Lucy, it's about Shini (Park & Cube). This is Shini's shirt, and it's her Shiny Thought of the Day.

Take one lacy body (in this case, I believe it's Topshop, but lots o' brands are doing it). Add a ribbon or two, criss-crossed, attached with a small box of gold safety pins. Add a few more. Do it - presumably - as a procrastination procedure when you're meant to be studying for finals.

Coincidentally - altho, really, is there such thing as coincidence? Or is it just God working in small ways? - my lovely friend Toni, who was actually a 'real' friend - recently met - before I even knew her blog - has just done a fabulous post ('seeing double') which starts off with the line:

"Inspiration comes mostly from others not from ourself, and anyone who tells you they are never inspired by others is probably not being completely honest with you."

I am so inspired by Toni. I'm inspired by Shini, by all of you. I've frittered the morning away letting tweets by brilliant women like Rachel Johnson lead me, like woodland fairy sprites, to Caitlin Moran, to Claudia Winkleman, to a hilarious piece on SATC by Lindy West.. just totally energised with inspiration. All these beautiful minds.

p.s. Oh joy! Pure coincidence: just went to tell Shini her post is up, and saw she's done the definitive post on the Perfect Day. ('Princess March') It looks just like the post I was about to do, only better. Influence out of sequence.


the style crusader said...

shni's diys are seriously amazing. i loved that when i told her how amazing it was she said, 'oh, anyone could do it' and i was like, 'yah, but not anyone would think to do it'. that's the difference... she has all these amazing diy ideas floating around in her head and the turn out seriously magical.

ok. have also spent my morning being blindly led nilly willy around the internet but clicking on too many links... must get to work now. enjoy the day! please give lucy my love on her blog's birthday! xx

Daniella said...

ahh shini is such a genius with diy's. I loved this with the ribbons, such a good idea. only if i had the patience to do it myself!!

jill said...

exactly. exactly. exactly. both of you.

check out the conversation with the 'real' (print) brit girl journalists on twitter (those click thrus) it's hilarious. yeah, jen, i've been sucked into a parallel universe, too, all morning. stepping away from the laptop now.

daniella are you coming to snippet's birthday party? xo

Platform P said...

Shini is one very talented lady. Her inspiration for DIY's blow me away.


Pearl Westwood said...

Wow her handy work is so gorgeous!! Hope your good Jill, I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to visit everyone blogs :-(

Off to see SATC 2 tonight with the girls, we are worrying about how cold it will be as our AMC cinema has the aircon on up so high! Not what you want when you are all dressed up for summer! xx

Cecylia said...

Wow is that a DIY top?

frances said...

Any internet wanderings that lead you to Caitlin Moran are perfect snippets. She's one lady who probably inspires me more than any for writing amazingly funny and true to life columns which never fall frumpily into 'womens' issues or macho up into politics or economics because she doesn't need to. She's just a real person who writes very well. Even better she's been rocking a grey streak in her hair for far longer then all these up and comers.


Unknown said...

She's the DIY queen. And you're the mistress of photography! :)

Clare said...

I love Shini's DIYs. She's always so inspirational. I keep on meaning to try out her embellished tights...
Clare x