petals & prada

First, thank you to those of you who just commented (below): I've learned new things today especially about the history of H&M! Check it out. Hope your weekend was and still is, totally lovely.

You know that line in Lost in Translation when Scarlett Johanson's character says to Bill Murray's, that she dabbled in photography but it was just silly girl stuff, like taking pictures of her feet? Mr. D laughed cause that's what I've been doing since long before I met him, long before blogs were born.

This is just a little preview: I decided to make a faux BBQ indoors (homemade potato salad, English asparagus, grilled chicken with Paul Newman Sticky BBQ sauce, in London, on this cool overcast day, just to kind of be part of Memorial Day. We're psyched & Mr. Dot is hungry, so more to come in a few hours, Chickies! xo

Vintage shoes by Prada, tights Hue.


Unknown said...

How odd, I was taking pictures of my feet earlier! My family laughed at me though haah x


the style crusader said...

something about this brown tights/shoes combo is looking quite 1930s to me... yum. the food sounds good! xx

jill said...

Yeah, Elliejane, let them laugh. You'll have the last laugh!

Jen I think you're right! You'll see, they're actually more 70s, with a stacked heel, but at that angle.. especially if they're a big baggy around the ankles (like where I didn't fit the toe right).. with a kind of faded, depression era brown cotton floral print dress, and a kind of limp bob..

San said...

Taking pictures of the own feet seems to be girls stuff. I do it too. LoL

Love Food said...

I take pictures of my feet too, I even attempt to as I'm walking, the results are quite funny.

Love the tights and shoes combination and looks lovely with the petals.

Lydia xxx