peaches and cream

There's so much I want to say about my lovely friend Hedvig, who's Norwegian. I can't believe we only met last February, in the twilight of the last night of London Fashion Week. I will say this, tho: her skin is porcelain, she always looks impeccable, and while I'm sure she's well groomed, she is so low maintenance as a friend. Just mellow, easy going.

Case in point: Covent Garden, last Thursday. We were meeting @ a new fab branch of Le Pain Quotidien (great space upstairs, especially when it's too cold for Ella's outside). Sod's law, the Picadilly line was closed, and I had to switch a few trains. Texted her when it surfaced and her quick reply was 'don't stress'. So I didn't. Friends like that are, in my book, a treasure.

I love Hedvig's style and, like another great friend, Natayla of Treasures of a Ladybug, each time we meet I photograph her as part of our goodbye ritual. Talk about style icons! Both women throw together original outfits with such ease, using the same item in different ways.

Hedvig's boots are new ones from Acne (she'd just come back from Oslo), who also made the gorgeous putty coloured, fine cashmere/silk jumper. Her peachy jacket, which added some warmth to a very cold, grey day, looks expensive but it's H&M.

As for the rest? In her own words: "The jeans I'm wearing are a swedish brand called Cheap Monday, very cheap jeans, their principle is to sell jeans at the lowest price possible, my bag is my new "baby" from Longchamp, it took a while before I received it in my post but it was worth the waiting."


Anonymous said...

wow, looks amazing! have very fair skin as well, and always think i cannot pull off that peachy color! Mm..might have to give it a try though, hehe! beautiful images! lovely girl! greets to her! great sense of style! what does she do? does she got a blog, too? ;)

the style crusader said...

i love hedvig - ok, hedvig now you know - i'm no longer in the closet about this. i think if someone asked me who my style icon was at the moment - i might actually have to bypass all the obvious people like alexa and chloe and say hedvig instead. i literally want to have every single item in her wardrobe. i have never ever seen her wearing something that i wouldn't want to be wearing - and in the exact same way she's put it together. it's not like i just like her style or her covetable pieces (umm... if only i had as much acne in my wardrobe and could find the perfect pieces at h&m!) its that i LOVE the way she puts them together. that's right. hedvig is officially my 2010 style icon.


jill said...

haha!! i never got it about 'girl crushes' but i kind of know what you mean. i think i might be in love with hedvig a bit, too ; )

i know! i'll add her as a write-in for the style icon contest.. if it will let me ; )

(oh btw it's the same for you: i didn't mention you by name in this post, but you know it's the same thing: every time we meet i just have to do another shoot! i think you've got incredible style.)

hope you're feeling better jen! and to some style: thank you on hedvig's behalf. she doesn't have a blog YET but soon as she does, i'll post the link.


The Fashion Cloud said...

I just might have to raid her closet!!! her style is perfection with a brease :)
What is it with Norwegian girl that they can make jus about anything look stylish and expensive. I am sure they are born with genes us brits just have never heard of :)


jill said...

This is strictly between us, Toni, but I'm not sure they're actually human. I think when they say 'Sweden', 'Norway' etc they really mean they're aliens from another planet. They pick pretend countries that no ones goes to - and when they go 'home' they're merely going back to the Motherload to re-charge.

I can't think of any other explanation. I just met Hedvig's sister, Thea Maria yesterday, and she's just as gorgeous, with lighter hair. And they're both SO FREAKING NICE!!!

Style Slicker said...

Beautifully shot Jill! So proud of you.

jill said...

Thank you, Kit, but it's you - and Shini - who finally helped me crack it. (I wish you could see my film shots - I WILL be shooting in film again - actually anything pre July, that's all film).

Anyone who's reading this: it's Kit, the Style Slicker:

and Shini, Park and Cube, who taught me everything I know ; )

Hedvig said...

Jill and your wonderful readers, I'm overwhelmed by your sweet words and comments, and just to let you know Jen and Jill I've got a "crush" on you too!!!!

I feel honored to be included into Jill's beautiful and "mind spinning" blog and that such a lovely and inspiring woman as her self kind of sees beyond the surface. It's not only about the shallow things as clothes and looks but something much more important, the most important of everything, to be seen from inside and understood by others, isn't that something that everyone appreciate more than anything else?

I'm so glad I met you Jill that day in February and Jen and the other girls as well, you inspire me all and helped me to to make up my mind to get my own thing started.

For the shallow thing as clothes, brands and looks, yes, thats what I call it, not a necessity in life but it happen to be my interest among others, knowing it is what it is, I had a funny incident on a party earlier this year.
A woman (who only dresses in designer and couture, I'll bet she never stepped into a H&M or high street in her whole life) approached me commented how gorgeous my dress was, assuming it was Balmain, I smiled back to her and told her it was Asos, off course she never heard of a designer or brand named Asos, it was real fun to see her confusion, and this is also one of the pure joys of this "shallow" topic.

Haha, I think I just inspired myself to put on an Asos jumpsuit and Acne killer heels for a party tonight, wishing you all a fabulous Saturday eve and night!

Please excuse my english here, it's not my mother language and I sometimes get lost in my own words, well, just another challenge......

Dominga Bijouterie said...

What a lovely outfit! what a lovely girl!

Martine : D said...

Hedvig's style is great! I also have cheap monday jeans, but apparantly I don't think their soo cheap..

Matthew Spade said...

that jacket does look expensive, you are so right. h & m do it again

Alice In Fashionland said...

Beautiful! Her outfit looks lovely!


styleeast said...

Gorgeous jacket - I might have to go looking for it NOW! And yet more amazing photos

Anonymous said...

Hedvig is so gorgeous! And after meeting her the other day, i can say that ive also fallen in love with her:) And her sister is so sweeet!! I had a lovely time with them, and i really wish them all the best.
Hedvig has great ideas:)