two rainbows

With all the 'good' photos from the Orangery yet to post, it might seem odd to post imperfect shots. Tricks of the light. There's something magic about it, I feel. Two in one day.

Top, my new lovely friend Jennifer of Style East, and above, the effervescent Danielle of The F Blog.


the style crusader said...

i LOVE that shot of jennifer. she looks seriously stunning. what a beautiful shot. xx

Cecylia said...

Nice lace-up sandals!

Alma said...

Great shots!

Unknown said...

I love the sandals and pigeon in the background on the second shot!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're posting so much I'm finding it hard to keep up! That is a gorgeous shot of Jennifer! Even with that trick of the light


Platform P said...

Me likey. I like the imperfections in these shots. I love candid style shots and the up close of Jennifer is indeed stunning.


Love Food said...

The light in these pictures is actually really pretty.

Lydia xxx


Silkybow said...

Gorgeous photos, especially the one of Jennifer!
Amazing (:

Adorngirl said...

Very happy accidents, gorgeous!