the politics of style

Last Thursday I was dashing thru Covent Garden when I saw a cute scruffy guy out of the corner of my eye. I almost approached him to ask to shoot him, but thought, nah, no time, cute guys are like buses, there will be another one coming along soon anyway.

It's a good thing I didn't, or I'd have missed this girl. Our conversation went along the lines of 'You've got great style, can I shoot you?' 'Thank you, that's funny, people are always asking to shoot me.' In the quick seconds I took these two shots, a big guy who couldn't have been more opposite to Eliza Doolittle, came up to us with a big but rather sad bouquet of daffodils which he was offering to sell us (in Covent Garden! How My Fair Lady!) and we politely declined. I really wanted to stay in touch with her again but couldn't find my pen - and didn't want to be late - so I gave her my card. I think her name was Dana.

Never heard from her again. No idea what she was wearing, apart from, according to my calculations, a polka dot dress of some description.

Yesterday was an amazing time @ Sketchbook and I can't wait to upload & post about it. Thank you all who showed up. As Jen said: (and I paraphrase) it's all about showing up.

I'm really tired - was up all night watching the elections. Even tho I can't vote here, I'm fascinated by how different it is to American voting. I was thinking last night 'do I post about my feelings about politics? Is that allowed on a fashion blog?' but I've discovered other people are, so I guess it is.

My feelings: I'm glad Cameron seems to have won. Call me superficial, but I'd like to see Sam Cam as first lady: she was rocking the maternity look the other day, in really high heels. I feel leaders SHOULD be charming, charismatic, and stylish. It goes back to caveman days: we want out leaders clever enough, and agile enough, to kill the lions and bring home the bacon. We want to look up to leaders, that's why we call them leaders.

I don't care what people say, or however many followers I lose: I love Obama, and campaigned for him, but I respect people's right to feel differently. I love the fact that we live in a free world, where every vote counts (and how weird - and embarrassing - that there were people who couldn't vote. Disaster). I feel the countries that ARE free have a responsibility to help protect citizens of nations who aren't. According to the talented photographer and blogger, Vanessa of the monday issue, in Australia it's mandatory to vote. I find that fascinating, in a weird way.

I feel it's all about choice, and change. Can't wrap my head around this 'hung Parliament' thing and that's probably not good, but at least, we've got a breath of fresh air. And Sam does make some lovely bags! I loved the part where an MP named Khan won and people chanted 'Yes we Khan'. I thought they were saying Yes We Can with a British accent.

Bit chatty this morning but there you go. And there I go. How are YOU feeling this morning?

. . .

p.s. Thank you to Clare (the Eff Memoirs) and Olivia Isabella (unionolivia) for identifying her dress as Topshop. I'm amazed, frankly, as somehow her look came across to me in that quick instant as 'vintage'.

And while we're at it: thank you all for being Frank! ; )


Style Slicker said...

Jill, your photography skill is getting better and better! Love the softness of the photo....great shot!!!!

Clara said...

The dress is definitely topshop, as i've got the same one.

And LOVE your breakdown of the state of the national elections!

Anonymous said...

first, love the outfit and her hair! might grow mine out the same! as far es brit elections go, i just follow the results and get a bit of a background ...what is needed to stay on top of things around the world, i guess, hehe! Let Freedom Ring! ;) greets!

Vanessa said...

What an interesting post - yes compulsory voting is quite rare, I think only a couple other countries have it. I am quite for the system, as it forces people to be at least slightly politically aware and observant of the government and issues concerning them.

Thank you for linking me back and putting me on your blog roll - that is very sweet of you. I think 'international style' is probably a bit better suited. I am not primarily a style blog, but if you're looking at that aspect, I think it would more be appropriate.

I've been following your blog for a while & can't wait to see what photos you take in the future.

x Van

Platform P said...

I have that dress. I wore it last night, actually I wear it a hell of a lot! Great shots, she looks lovely.

I like your chatty posts Jill. I actually voted Labour (I know it's Taboo to talk about voting). For some weird reason I just love Gordon Brown, he's rough and ready, says what he feels and calls people (names) bigots! Who am I kidding, I was swayed by that (very handsome) David Milliband chappy!


Altered Spaces said...

Tony and I were talking last night about whether you were allowed to vote...though we are so glad you could vote for Obama in '08!
It will be interesting to see who wins in England...

oliolioli said...

amazing polkadot outfit

Copious Couture said...

Love that dress... she looks amazing!!!


Pearl Westwood said...

I adore her peachy make-up!

I agree there hasn't been an exciting election for ages! So annoying to have a hung parliament tho, they really need to chanege the election protocol. I actually like Sam Cam and Sarah Brown too, much more interesting than their other halves lol xx

Chloe said...

She looks so chic. There's something poignant and romantic about her too (probably evoked by the talent of your photography!)...just lovely xx

daisychain said...

Oh my goodness, could this be any more perfect?

EML said...

great dress on that girl!
going to school in england right now i'm quite fascinated how everyone gets really excited about the whole election circus. we were allowed to leave the lessons or listen to the radio news on our phones to hear brown's and cameron's statements. it seems like there is nothing else to talk about right now in this country.

maya griggs said...

Jill, you had not lost me neither here nor on FB. I've known about your political views (with which I disagree) but world would be so boring if we chose friends (even blog and internet friends :D) with the same political and religious views. I probably would not have any friends then. Mine come in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes ;) That's the beauty of friendship. I can't even agree with my own family members on everything!!!
i like your blog even though you so deeply mistaken about Obama :D :D :D (hope u don't mind me joking about it!)

Style Odyssey said...

I felt pretty good this morning, first time in ages. And I thought- It's gonna be a good day!

I'm not much for politics (I suppose I better be soon, though...since I'll be living on home turf again). But I enjoy hearing differing views; usually I find it quite interesting and stimulating, how people are passionate about their beliefs. It's part of what makes us human: passion.

I love polka dots and ballet flats w/ laces. She wears it well.

Unknown said...

I love her shoes and her bag. I want them!


Adorngirl said...

I love the composition of the shot, with the coloumns, it looks more editorial, than a regular street style shot. Home Run. x

Anonymous said...

Jill i cant believe how pretty those shots are. She looks so pretty. I wish we could see her face behind those glasses, as im sure she has perfect features. She has that snow white look/Dita Von Teese style. Love it when you find girls wearing polka dots outfit.

(today was great!!!)

Olivia Isabella. said...

The polka dot dress is from Topshop by the way!
Great shots.
Hmm. parliament...
UO x

Sarah said...

I'm totally in love with this dress- i must find it!! Great shots- you have an incredible eye for stylish people. xxx

Matthew Spade said...

oh quite a sad little story that you couldn't find your pen.

i was a bit naffed off this morn with the election business, feel like the tories will screw up england even more

jill said...

Thank you for these comments! I didn't used to be 'political' at all and who knows might well go back to being 'unpolitical' (and no, Mona, you're right, I can't vote here - haven't applied). So Maya, please please don't worry about offending me, I'm not in the least. Many of my 'real' (vs blog) friends have different views, too.

What's that expression? Never talk about politics or religion? Well screw that! It's like 'I'll wear what I want'. I'll say what I want - as long as I'm not hurting anyone, and I feel politicians and other public figures, like celebrities, can 'afford' a little constructive criticism, especially as they're not reading my lowly little blog - and I hope you'll all feel free to speak your truth, too.

Especially, here.

Thank you, Clara & Olivia, for sourcing her dress! Will add the to the post. ; )

adrielleroyale said...

I love her look! Great shot. :) I agree with pretty much everything Ms. Griggs said, we need different points of view to look through and if we don't like the view, we don't have to look long. Anyway great shots as usual!! :)