style icon: sam cam, in my jacket

Ah, that Sam Cam: Britain's First Lady of Style. This photo ran in the Evening Standard their first day in Number Ten, and I realised: crikey, that's MY Topshop Sequin Motorcylce Jacket!

I first noticed That Jacket last spring, and posted about it in June. I know the first rule of being a Style Icon is 'Stick to your own style' and this was so not mine, but maybe that was the draw. Besides, I was new to the blogging world and getting sucked into the vortex of want. (That's when Mr. Dot first started telling me rule number one, which applies to drug dealers as well as bloggers: DON'T DO YOUR OWN DRUGS.)

Still... that want couldn't go away. The jacket was out of stock, it came back in, I became obsessed about it ('it's back!').. it culminated with a public scene in the High Street Kensington Topshop branch, tears and tantrums, something about mutton dressed as lamb, Mr. Dot storming out, someone's boyfriend, overhearing, kindly commenting that it was none of his business, but he thought it looked rather good on me.

(There's a story behind these tights, of course: it's all here: 'don't shoot me, I'm only the photographer.')

There was a happy ending: Mr. Dot & I made up, and The Jacket is mine. I still don't feel it's his favourite look for me, and to be honest, it's not really my style, but I love it all the same. Like a beloved child that is not one's own, but you've gone thru a great ordeal to adopt, it has become part of the family.

Now, seeing Dave & Sam Cam so smiley in this photo, I'm wondering.. was there ever a slight raised eyebrow? A sentence that began with 'you're not going out in..'? I wonder: do style icons ever get into argy bargies with their men over their attire?

With the current V&A show on Grace Kelly, and constant speculation on who is the new 'style icon', I'm curious:

What you feel constitutes a style icon? Is it a question of constant reinvention, like Madonna? Or staying true to one style? Is it about wearing only designer clothes? Or, like Michelle Obama, is it the courage to wear J. Crew catalogue with the same grace (and pride) as Jason Wu?

I feel another survey coming on (sidebar, top right); if you'd like to add a write-in, long as they're living and their husband is currently in office (or, better yet, they are), please add them to a comment. Does anyone know what high street brands Carla favours?

Just curious: are there any items of clothes that nearly cost you your relationship? Or am I the only one?


Anonymous said...

ha, indeed such a cool jacket! i love the silver chain look! wouldl love to find same one but in black leather, hehe!

well, i think a style icon should know what suits them and there body style the best and is flattering on their body type, so it can put their most beautiful part of body into advantage and create therefor a beautiful and almost perfect silhouette for them! and not matter what you are wearing if designer, H&M or something from the Thrift store, just know what fits YOU the best, and don't be afraid to be creative and no need to follow trends! Mm... i think that says it all for me, i guess, hehe! don't be afraid to think outside the box or also stay in your comfort zone..it's what you like not others on you! :)

oh, and jill...you look smashing..you girl! if you like it, he has to like it! wink, wink! ;)


StyleSpy said...

Oh, I really hope no one involved with me would ever be foolish enough to throw down the "it's me or the dress" ultimatum. That would probably not end well for him...

The Fashion Cloud said...

Sweetie I quite literally brooke down laughing when I read this!! I love the jacket and think it suits you, and if you decide one day to part ways, callllll meeeee!!!!! :)

I love how you have a new obsession with the new first lady, as long as it stays a healthy obsession :)


Style Odyssey said...

I think it IS your style! Really suits you! I remember your original post when you first got it...and those awesome tights w/ Chinese(?) characters.

Anonymous said...

I think, zipped, with the white jeans it suits you quite well.

And sadly I completely related to the meltdown over the jacket and the vortex of want. *sigh* Thankfully I can only afford thrift shops at the moment but I can do some damage there too.

jill said...

Ha (Fashion Cloud) I suspect my obsession is already waning, so it must be pretty healthy. I'm one of the - so far - 8 people who voted for my style pole, and I voted for Michelle ; )

Stephanie: I remember, too! You were so supportive. Are you still in Fla? I miss you!

beweave: thank you! And totally agree: serious damage can indeed be done @ thrift shops. I truly hardly ever buy anything, let alone anything new, that's what got Mr. Dot in such a tizzy.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe so much as been going on on your blog since the other day:) I have sooo much to do with the new position, as you see im still awake proofreading stuff. But i had to say something:
I have this flashback of some Lady with an American accent, going crazy over a studded jacket at the Top Shop store on high street ken, around last spring. And i remember telling myself, wow, that jacket is indeed amazing! So Jill chances are the lady was YOU! For some reason, I am almost sure it was you, i cnt remember if it was before or after the time you dotted me on gloucester road. So if it was you, then all i have to say is that this friendship was meant to be:)